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    hi folks,
    This is a more detailed update to the previous post.

    Problem : to determine whether the DNS Nameserver functions (
    prototypes in <arpa/nameser.h> ) are user-defined or built in in the
    libresolv library!!!!

    Source file : myDns.c which uses 'ns_name_uncompress' and 'ns_parserr'
    functions which are declared in the mentioned header file. But while
    ns_parserr(...) works without any user-defined body, the
    ns_name_uncompress(...) function gives linker error without a
    user-defined body. Why the disparity? Can anyone please enlighten me?

    Here's a part of the process :

    [[email protected]:/users/in1478c/GUIDEPROGS~]gcc -Wall -g myDns.c -lsocket
    -lnsl -lresolv
    myDns.c: In function `send_ptr_query':
    myDns.c:108: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
    myDns.c:108: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
    Undefined first referenced
    symbol in file
    __ns_name_uncompress /var/tmp//ccGTqvma.o
    ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to a.out
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    [[email protected]:/users/in1478c/GUIDEPROGS~]

    The function ns_name_uncompress is geiven as a prototype in
    but the file 'myDns.c' does not contain the definition. ( It is present

    in another source file called 'rr_name.c'...) But some other functions
    such as 'ns_parserr' whose prototypes are present in the same header
    file and whose bodies are not defined in the 'myDns.c' source file do
    not generate any error!!!

    The calling function is :

    if (ns_name_uncompress(
    ns_msg_base(handle),/* Start of the
    packet */
    ns_msg_end(handle), /* End of the
    packet */
    ns_rr_rdata(rr), /* Position in the

    hostname, /*Result*/
    255) /* Size of server
    name buffer */
    < 0)
    { /* Negative: error */
    printf(", ns_name_uncompress failed on %dth
    printf(", Server name : %s\n", hostname);

    The types are as follows :

    // The code from the header file arpa/nameser.h
    typedef struct __ns_msg {
    const uchar_t *_msg, *_eom;
    uint16_t _id, _flags, _counts[ns_s_max];
    const uchar_t *_sections[ns_s_max];
    ns_sect _sect;
    int _rrnum;
    const uchar_t *_ptr;

    } ns_msg;

    /* Private data structure - do not use from outside library. */
    struct _ns_flagdata { int mask, shift; };
    extern struct _ns_flagdata _ns_flagdata[];

    /* Accessor macros - this is part of the public interface. */
    #define ns_msg_id(handle) ((handle)._id + 0)
    #define ns_msg_base(handle) ((handle)._msg + 0)
    #define ns_msg_end(handle) ((handle)._eom + 0)
    #define ns_msg_size(handle) ((handle)._eom - (handle)._msg)
    #define ns_msg_count(handle, section) ((handle)._counts[section] + 0)

    The prototype of the ns_name_uncompress function given in the
    <arpa/nameser.h> header file is :

    int ns_name_uncompress(const uchar_t *, const uchar_t *,
    const uchar_t *, char *, size_t);

    As you can see, the types in the prototype and the invocation are the
    Any ideas, please?!


    Timmy Jose.
    zoltan, Feb 13, 2006
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