dns flush and comcast cable or where's the dns?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by webnuts4u2, May 18, 2004.

  1. webnuts4u2

    webnuts4u2 Guest

    I was trying to help my brother get his comcast cable connection
    He's using a comcast wired modem/router, don't remember the brand.

    I run winipcfg and I see valid addresses assigned and I'm able to ping
    addresses like the comcast dns server and the comcast gateway.

    However, pinging a url fails. It gives me a host not found error, so
    no joy on browsing.

    I called comcast and they said that I needed to run a dns flush but
    that since he's running Win98 they/I can't do that because that
    command isn't provided under that version. The tech indicated that
    the 'internal dns' was somehow corrupted. This is actually the first
    time I've heard of Win98 having an internal dns and I haven't been
    able to yet find much on this topic on the net. She indicated that I
    should contact the original manufacturer or a certified technician.
    I'm thinking to myself, for what?

    Has anyone ever heard of this kind of problem? Is there a registry
    entry that is corrupted? Should he give up and re-install his OS? I
    would think there has to be a trivial fix for this kind of thing.

    Upgrading to XP isn't an option for him at the moment.

    webnuts4u2, May 18, 2004
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  2. webnuts4u2

    webnuts4u2 Guest

    Turns out that it apparently was a well known problem with the winsock
    configuration. I downloaded a couple of different tools recommended
    here and fixed the problem!

    webnuts4u2, May 19, 2004
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