Dlink DWL-G810 Experience (and DWL-2100AP)

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Poster Nutbag, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. If anyone is searching on this wireless bridge and is coming up with
    conflicting information as to whether it can bridge networks, I can
    confirm that it will *not*. Rather, it is only useful for connecting
    a single (1, one) device to a WAP.

    My experience is that it works great for this, but I'm returning it
    since I needed it to actually bridge an entire network of devices (4
    of them in my case).

    So, I went out and got another DWL-2100AP to bridge to my other
    2100AP. So far, so good. It worked perfectly as soon as I put them
    in PtP bridge mode. I'm using automatic channel switching, WEP 128,
    dynamic turbo, and G only. Both are using the new 2.0 firmware.

    I know others have had problems bridging two 2100APs (drop outs, etc),
    so I'll update this post if I experience otherwise. I have only been
    using the 2100s in bridge mode for a day or so.
    Poster Nutbag, Nov 7, 2004
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