Direct SQL Backup is very slow over the LAN

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Shekhar, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Shekhar

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    Within LAN I have a Computer (A) where I have all my SQL Server Databases
    and I have another Computer (B) where I want to take backup of these
    databases. From B, I connect A and issue BACKUP DATABASE statement to write
    backup file in B like this:

    BACKUP DATABASE xxx TO DISK = '\\B\D\Backup\xxx.bak'

    The Computer B has got upgraded recently to double the size of HDD. Earlier
    it was with 250 X 6 RAID and now it is 500 X 6 RAID. A 25 GB database file
    took the following time to backup:

    (a) Backup within A - 18 min
    (b) Backup from A to B before recent upgrade - 20 min
    (c) Backup from A to B after recent upgrade - 2 Hours & 30 min
    (d) Backup within B - 24 min

    Both A and B have similar confuguration like Windows 2003 R2 O/S, 4 GB RAM,
    3.6 GHz CPU, Network Card etc. However, a remote iSCSI device had been added
    to B for some other backup purpose and I believe it has nothing to do with
    this performance issue.

    I do expect the time count similar/near to (b) above even after the upgrade.
    What could have gone wrong during the upgrade? Can anyone help?

    Shekhar, Apr 7, 2008
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