Did You Know That With A Little DIY Trick And The Mobile Web You Can Save £££ A Year On SMS Text Mes

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by allahgodalmighty, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. DIY the Mobile Web and our service 'Blitzplanet' to benefit from SMS
    text messages at amazingly cheap prices to around 130 countries

    and to TAKE AWAY ALL THE RISK...

    ....we'll give you a THREE YEAR GUARANTEE on all your SMS
    text credits.


    Everybody talks about the Mobile Web, but only use it
    to browse the net.

    This is a waste of it's resources and capabilities.
    Your phone is capable of using technologies
    your mobile network provider cannot control.


    If you are already using the Mobile Web great -
    fine tune it to it's full potential and be one of the few
    who has discovered the smartest way of saving money using
    text, picture, instant and email messaging

    Our principle works along the same lines as Skype, but much
    better because

    - Blitzplanet works on every phone, not on only a few selected ones

    - The recipient gets all the messages into their normal inbox

    - You can trial it for FREE

    - Blitzplanet is not a subscription service

    - Your credits are GUARANTEED for 3 years.

    - You will never have to change your Sim card again when travelling.

    http://www.blitzplanet.com is a free-to-download SMS text
    and picture service which is a program that sits on your
    mobile phone like the game 'Snake' for example.
    allahgodalmighty, Oct 31, 2007
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