Decent modem/router for ADSL2/2+

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Grumps, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Grumps

    Grumps Guest


    After my recent question about the compatibility of my old router with an
    ADSL2/2+ connection, it turns out to be a moot point as the said router will
    now not connect at all. In fact, its syncing LED flashes at the normal rate
    to start with, then slows down and eventually stops. Even the 4-port switch
    part has stopped working. It is an ex-router!

    So, for about £50 (maybe a bit more) what is a decent ADLS2/2+ router with
    4-port switch, wireless not required? Perhaps with a good long line length
    sensitivity. Definitely one that shows router stats (my even older Netgear
    DG814 doesn't do this).

    So far I'm looking at:
    ZyXEL Prestige 660HW-T1
    Linksys AG241
    Billion BIPAC 5200
    Grumps, Jun 14, 2008
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  2. After my recent question about the compatibility of my old router with an

    Consider spending a bit more and look for a Draytek 2800 on eBay. The basic
    version without wireless fetch around £60.00 and is superior to any of your
    shortlist. Note that the 2600 series don't support ADSL 2+.

    Peter Crosland
    Peter Crosland, Jun 14, 2008
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  3. Grumps

    Graham J Guest

    I've been using some Edimax routers recently, and these are very good value.
    For example see:

    These provide:

    1) DDNS client - so you can always find out your ISP-dynamic address from

    2) Access control option - so that you can nominate those IP addresses from
    which you want to allow remote access (good for security!)

    3) Port forwarding - so you can specify which application you allow to
    communicate with the "home" computer.

    4) DHCP pool summary - so you can identify the internal computer for which
    you wish to set up port forwarding

    .... as well as all the basic features you would expect.

    Many more expensive routers miss out on some of these features.

    It would be nice for it to have a built-in ping facility so it could test
    connectivity to a local PC, for example.

    VPN support would be nice, but a little too much to ask for £18.99 plus VAT,
    I think.
    Graham J, Jun 15, 2008
  4. Grumps

    Grumps Guest

    I guess I should've mentioned that VPN and port forwarding are essential.
    Grumps, Jun 15, 2008
  5. Grumps

    Grumps Guest

    I'll look at the Draytek models.
    What features have they got that are superior to my, growing, list?
    Grumps, Jun 15, 2008
  6. After my recent question about the compatibility of my old router with

    A comparison of the various Draytek models is here.

    They really have unmatched facilities and quality as far as home/small
    business are concerned. Unless you want to go to the expense and
    complication of something like Cisco you will not find anything better.
    Added to the fact they are easy to set up and have a knowledgeable user

    Peter Crosland
    Peter Crosland, Jun 15, 2008
  7. Grumps

    Sam Guest

    I wouldn't recommend a Draytek 2800. I have a Draytek 2800VG, and it's a
    dog on ADSL2+ (Be). I have the Draytek, a Speedtouch 585v6 and 780WL,
    Billion 7300G, and a Sky-branded Netgear DG834GT with the UberGT

    The DG834GT outclasses all the others - better sync speed, superb line
    stability (I'm on an extremely short line - about 100-150 meters) - I
    can't remember the last time it resynced, it's probably been months now.
    The Speedtouches in particular are not very stable at all - they
    reconnect every few days, which might not be noticeable for some people,
    but it is to me. The Billion 7300G is cheap 'n' cheerful, slower sync
    than the GT but much more stable than the Speedtouch range.

    However, I don't use the wifi aspect of any of my ADSL routers - I have
    a separate AP for that, so I can't comment on the GT's wifi

    For the Draytek 2800, the ISP has to mess with the INP settings, and the
    stability sucks anway. When it (regularly) reconnected, it took a long
    time to reconnect (3mins+) despite following Draytek's guidelines. Also,
    the original PSU died, but Draytek replaced that for free seeing as I
    had a different suitable PSU which worked fine with it.
    Sam, Jun 15, 2008
  8. Grumps

    Grumps Guest

    Thanks for that Sam.
    It's individual user's comments that are always worth reading.

    Shame about your findings on the 2800 as I was looking on eBay at these;
    about £50. Its feature set (incl. instant messenger blocking) looked ideal.
    Grumps, Jun 15, 2008
  9. Consider spending a bit more and look for a Draytek 2800 on eBay. The

    Beware of making a judgement on the experience of a single user. At such a
    short distance from the exchange one has to ask what other factors might
    causing problems rather than a particular router.

    Peter Crosland
    Peter Crosland, Jun 15, 2008
  10. Grumps

    Devs Guest

    Add to this their tech support is excellent too. I see the 2800 has been
    replaced with the 2820 nowadays. Just set my first one up. very good
    piece of kit - dual WAN functionality for fail over and balancing!
    Devs, Jun 15, 2008
  11. Grumps

    Woby Tide Guest

    The 2Wires (2700HGV) sold as the BT Business Hub are pretty stable, I
    retained it on my Be connection over there router. That said I'm not
    sure my version has ADSL2+ i..e teh Annex M capability but some
    versions of the firmware or later routers do I think
    Woby Tide, Jun 15, 2008
  12. Grumps

    Digby Guest

    I can heartily agree with that. The Speedtouch 780 and 585, Netgear
    834GT, and a several others all perform better on ADSL2+ than the
    Draytek 2800.

    I would suggest a visit to the Draytek forum before making a decision.
    Digby, Jun 15, 2008
  13. Grumps

    Grumps Guest

    Interesting reading. Do Netgear have such a forum?

    When I switched to using my cheapy (now dead) modem/router, it was because
    the DG814 had a couple of problems:
    1) After a torrent session, everything would be so slow and a reboot was
    2) I could establish a VPN connection, but making another stopped the 1st
    Plenty of calls to NG support, and plenty of testing their firmware.

    Still, it is back in use now while I get something better. Incidentally,my
    old dead Addon router synced 40% faster than the DG814 does.
    Grumps, Jun 15, 2008
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