Debian Woody/Sid Hybrid & Windows - Low cost/Low end USB Network

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Michael Chang, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Debian Woody/Sid Hybrid & Windows - Low cost/Low end USB Network

    Is there a Linux/Windows compatable USB equivilent for W9x's Direct
    Cable Connection?

    Greetings, my advance apologies if this article is long or doesn't
    belong here. If that is the case, please let me know so that I don't
    make this mistake in the future.

    I will attempt to be complete but brief. I have two systems, that runs
    Debian, one (ugh) that runs Windows 98 SE. (I know, I know) I am only
    able to use USB to connect them.

    I recall that older versions of Windows (9x) had DCC that allowed a
    makeshift "network" over a simple serial or parallel cable, and I newer
    versions of Windows allow this in their "New Connection Wizard". I was
    wondering if this is possible over standard USB A-Male to A-Male cables.
    Is there is any other equipment, on which I can do this (preferably
    which doesn't have to be bought over the internet)? (Apart from hooking
    up two USB-to-Ethernet adapters with a 10/100 crossover cable...)

    My research on the 'net seems to state that running a standard USB
    A-Male to A-Male cable between the two pcs will short circuit them, is
    this true? Any confirmation or further info on this topic would be

    I wish to use the Linux machine as either a client or host via the USB
    protocol, either to run TCP/IP on top of the cable, or to use the cable
    as a ethernet-like device. Unfortunately, I can't get drivers larger
    than 1.4 mb onto the Windows machine, because it's modem is broken.

    Any information that you may have (even locations where I can "RTFM")
    would be greatly appericiated, because I am new to this area of Linux

    Thank you in advance.

    Michael Chang
    Michael Chang, Jul 8, 2004
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