DE-250ct Rev-A shared memory mode

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Tobius Manning, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Now I have what I consider an interesting question that I hope someone out
    there can help me with.
    I was setting up a box to use as a firewall/masq, old hd died lol. Now
    prev. I was using DE-250ct Rev-B (NE2000 compatible).

    I placed one Nic into the box and used an old dos disk to boot run the Nic
    config prog. Lo and behold a new option was there I could select ether
    "programed I/O mode / shared memory mode" for my data transfer mode. Now
    when I selected shared memory mode and attempted to save the settings there
    was a notice that I would have to use the NE2000Plus driver. When I boot
    Linux 2.4.20 (NE2000 drivers Installed) the Nic is not detected unless I
    have the Nic's in programed I/O mode. I am hoping that someone may have an
    Idea of a driver to use to receive the performance increase that shared
    memory txfr mode would provide.

    I have looked over the network and ethernet howto's and some reading on the
    net, but i can't find reference to the de-250ct rev-a shared memory mode.
    The Nic's are working fine as-is so not a priority. The main chip on the
    Nic is the DL3905, the main chip on Rev-B is the DL3907 (Rev-B dosen't
    support shared memory access, not sure about Rev-C).

    Any help would be appriciated.
    Tobius Manning, Jun 24, 2003
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