Content Filtering Software for Router

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by TheScullster, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. TheScullster

    TheScullster Guest

    Hi all

    Have just taken delivery of Netgear router which claimed content filtering
    This turns out to be time limited Trend Micro offering which includes virus,
    spam software as well.

    Is there any content filtering software which will work with the DG834
    router and allow user settings/password access ?
    In other words like the Trend Micro offering but without all the virus &
    spam stuff.


    TheScullster, Mar 22, 2007
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  2. TheScullster

    tony h Guest

    the filtering is done by the pc, not the router.
    you could try installing the trend software using advanced options to not
    install av+as.
    sadly i have tries a couple of different ones, and they are all a pain, my
    kids (16,14,8,8) need access to sites for homework that just get blocked due
    to use of words like 'sex' somewhere on the page. far more pain than it's
    worth in most cases. i did spend some time letting them get on with it, then
    going through history and adding sites i didnt like to the hosts file.
    i soon got bored with that method, now all the kids pcs have firefox as
    default and ONLY browser, and have foxyfilter enabled it's a free solution that solves
    vast majority of the problems (just turn off body text checking if you want
    useable pcs). oh, and firefox is here , it's
    what IE7 is trying to be.
    tony h, Mar 22, 2007
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  3. TheScullster

    Gaz Guest

    K9 web protection is an excellent free content filtering programme,
    however it runs on individual workstations not on routers. It really is
    excellent and simple to use, it doesnt seem to hog resources, and is
    reliable and quick, significantly better to any of the paid for software i
    have tested.

    Gaz, Mar 22, 2007
  4. TheScullster

    John Guest

    It depends on your definition of "content" filtering. Programs like Net
    Nanny will allow you to filter out things like the word "sex" for instance,
    but then if your kids have to do geography homework and need to research
    Middlesex or Sussex, then they've had it so it can be a good or a bad thing.

    If you just want to restrict vertain websites or put a block on the times of
    day that they can access the internet, you may have a page within your
    router manager that allows you to do that. Here's an idea of what my Linksys
    WAG54GS offers

    John, Mar 22, 2007
  5. TheScullster

    Colin Wilson Guest

    K9 web protection is an excellent free content filtering programme,
    In a few short tests that i've done with this, i'll also add my
    recommendation for it.

    It's free, so you've lost nothing trying it anyway !

    It has a time / calendar function built in to restrict access, as well
    as the normal content filtering (categorised, pick what you want).

    You can bypass it temporarily or permanently for specific sites, and if
    the kids figure out how to uninstall it, it will email you a warning to
    say it's been removed !
    Colin Wilson, Mar 22, 2007
  6. TheScullster

    Gaz Guest

    Also, they have a beta which is even more comprehensive including (i
    believe) messenger logging and p2p controls, and enforces safe searches in
    The software has to be amongst the best pieces of free software i have ever
    used, it does exactly what is says it does, and it doesnt use dumb blocks
    such as preventing access to sites such as

    Sometimes when you come across a piece of software so good, you wonder why
    nobody has ever heard of it...

    Gaz, Mar 22, 2007
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