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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Joe Kerr, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Joe Kerr

    Joe Kerr Guest

    I have a home LAN which includes a Netgear Wireless FM114P router connected
    to my cable modem. Within the family we run 3 PCs over CAT5 cable and 3
    Laptops wirelessly. The wireless range of the FM114P means that I can only
    connect wirelessly over the downstairs of the house. I have been given a 2nd
    FM114P which I can connect to the 1st FM114P through a cable and place in
    the attic to, hopefully, provide better wireless access for my wireless
    devices when they are out of range of the downstairs FM114P.

    Please can someone tell me how to configure my network so that the 2nd
    FM114P relays traffic to the 1st and onto the internet? I take it this is a
    'bridge'. The FM114P acts as a DHCP server, so is it as simple as turning
    off DHCP functionality on the 2nd FM114Ps and configuring static IP
    addresses on all the PCs, which will then mean the wireless devices can then
    talk to either FM114P?

    Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

    Mike - Networking Novice
    Joe Kerr, Nov 8, 2003
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  2. Joe Kerr

    Alan Guest

    Hi Mike

    I have just recently done a simalar thing using two different flavor WiFi

    My Setup:

    Netgear WiFi Router
    Hard wired to five clients
    A Laptop with WiFi Card
    To gain range in my quite small house I got:
    Compaq WL140 Bridge

    Ahhh... the joys of networking :S

    Could I surf the net when connected to the WL410?? could I buggery!!!!
    The DG was setup as to give out DHCP (mac addys reserved for each machine)
    BUT could Still could not surf from the new bridge! aghhh

    Problem solved

    On your client machine that connects to the new "Bridge" add the following
    to the Propites in the Internet IP settings
    (use your IP ranges though! you can get your DNS settings when conneted to
    the internet and click the details tab in the networing properties box)

    Use following IP address (BOX)
    : IP 192.168.49 = laptop ip
    SubNet Mask
    Gateway (Netgear IP Addy)

    Click USE the following DNS server addresses
    YOUR internet DNS server IP's Here!

    Then Click the Advanced button
    Click the DNS tab and add the DNS servers AGAIN

    Then click the WINS tab
    And add your MAIN gateways IP address first (mine being Netgear)
    then your BRIDGE (WL410 being

    on the same screen make sure that the Enable LMHOST look up is ticked (you
    maynot have to have it checked but mine is, and works for me anyways!! ) AND
    make sure that Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP is ticked too

    I left the Options tab alone ..
    Click ok to every thing and you "Should" be able to surf the net from the
    bridge client from now on..
    This is the way I have set up mine, and it works for me just fine,

    So now when the DG is out of range the WL410 kicks in without my
    intervention, I have made sure that MAC and WEP is enabled on both.. But
    thats a different story

    Hope you manage to sort it!!

    Alan, Nov 9, 2003
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