Connecting ASUS WL500g Router to Radio Network ISP

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Paul A Bristow, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. I have a connection to an ISP using a Dlink 520+ PC card in a PC which works
    (most of the time) to connect to the Internet for Outlook and Internet

    I want to use a an ASUS WL500g router so that I can use other PCs as well
    (and not have a power hungry and unreilable Windows PC on all the time).

    I have swapped the antenna cable from the PC card to the router.

    I know the static IP of several PCs, including one IP (subnet
    mask that I can use to control the setup of the router, whose
    IP address I have set to

    I know the MAC of the remote wireless device, its SSID name, IP address, the WEP key.hex string, the ISP's DNS

    The router can be pinged OK, and the setting made and saved, but I can't
    ping any external IP addresses, which suggests that the wireless link is not
    working - but it was using the PC card and nothing else has changed.

    Whereas on the PC Dlink card , there is a tool to see wireless strength
    signals, on the router I haven't found any equivalent on the router.

    Please can anyone advise the settings I should use to
    enable this. I have tried lots of unsucessful combinations :-(

    Suggestions on how to proceed please.


    Paul A Bristow, Aug 10, 2004
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