Connecting a telecom surge protector *after* a ADSL filter BT Faceplate (Long!)

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Matthew Long, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Matthew Long

    Matthew Long Guest

    Hiya. I have a Masterplug surge protection with telecom protection. It has
    two inputs - Which are a stantard BT socket, and an RJ11 socket. It then has
    underneath these sockets, an output side, with the BT, and RJ11 sockets.
    It's supplied with a cable with a standard BT plug one end, and a RJ11 the
    other end. I currently have the supplied cable plugged into my BT master
    socket, and then plugged into the RJ11 socket on the surge protector. My
    ADSL filter is plugged into the output side using the standard BT socket.

    It would seem that these BT sockets and RJ11 sockets crossover, but I'm
    fitting an adsl filter faceplate to our main BT socket, so the filter will
    now be before the surge protector. So I will have an RJ11 to RJ11 cable from
    face plate to input side of surge protector, and also a standard BT cable to
    BT, from faceplate to surge protector. Then on the output side, RJ11 to adsl
    Router, and BT Socket to BT phone.

    As my current setup proves that all four sockets are connected together
    because it's going in via RJ11, but crossing over and coming out via BT
    socket, will the filtered adsl / voice cablescoming from the faceplate
    interfere with each other when they're plugged into this surge protector?

    Sorry for long post!

    Matthew Long
    Matthew Long, Apr 20, 2008
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  2. Matthew Long

    Graham. Guest

    My advice is not to bother with additional surge protection on
    the telephone line. If your line does get struck by lightening
    you will have one *less* item that will need replacing.
    Graham., Apr 21, 2008
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