connecting a MacG3 (OS9.2) in addition to PC (Windows XP) to base station

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by dominickminotti, May 27, 2004.

  1. I have a MacG3 (OS 9.2) and a PC (Windows XP). I have
    connected the PC to base station MN 500 and it works fine
    for other PC's (laptop)in the house. However, I cannot
    get the Mac G3 to connect. The only way I can use the
    Mac with broadband is to remove the cable connecting the
    box to the base station and insert the cable from the Mac
    directly. Obviously this means I can only run one
    computer at a time and I would like to be able to run
    both (at different locations) to the internet via our
    Comcast broadband.

    When I discussed this with the computer store at the
    University of Washington book store, they advised me to
    purchase another MN 500 base station, connect it by
    ehternet cable to the MAC and to "bridge" them to the
    other base station following directions in the MN 500
    User's Guide. I cannot find any specific information in
    that guide that tells how to do this with both Mac and PC
    computers, only with multiple PC computers.

    Does anywone have any information on how to do this? or
    know of a resource where I can get such information?

    Many thanks for any help you can provide.

    dominickminotti, May 27, 2004
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  2. it is not clear if you are trying to connect wirelessly or via
    ethernet. have you reset the base station using the reset hole and
    started fresh?

    If Ethernet, you should probably trash the TCP/IP settings and start
    fresh. Use built in Ethernet and DHCP. also try a different cable.
    Barb Bowman [MVP-Windows], May 27, 2004
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