Cheapest 2mb service with no activation charges

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by cAm, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. cAm

    cAm Guest

    which is the cheapest 2mb adsl (service for home) available at the
    moment? i dont want to pay any activation charges. i will be only using
    it on the weekends or late evenings so capping doesnt bother me much.

    have heard about aol 2mb for 29.99 pm.
    but aol, i had bad experiences before (in 2002-2003)

    recommendations please!

    cAm, Feb 22, 2005
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  2. cAm

    Gareth A. Guest

    I would be interested in recommendations too, I am looking to set up a
    relative with ADSL but for the lowest 12 month TCO.

    I am with freedom2surf but I migrated from BT Broadband where I was
    outside a 12 month contract and had my own equipment, so I am paying
    £19.99/month for 10Gb on a 2Mb line.

    The ideas I have are:

    BT: £17.99/month, free connection, free USB modem
    TCO: £215.88

    F2S: £14.99/month, £50 connection, £30 modem
    TCO: £259.88 [but 2Gb/month)

    Plusnet: £14.99/month, £90 for a 1st year deal
    TCO: £269.88

    Madasafish: £17.99/month, free connection & modem, 2 months free
    TCO: £179.90

    I am recommending Madasafish, anybody think this is a "mad" idea? I
    have been with many ISPs over the years and haven't ever had a bad
    experience. Freeserve was a bit poor for a few months during their
    early Surftime service but that is all.

    Gareth A., Feb 22, 2005
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  3. cAm

    Spack Guest

    I've been with Pipex for nearly 3 years now on 512k, rang them just now to
    request a MAC to move to as I'm not a heavy user (I can exceed 5GB
    per month, but maybe once a year I'd hit 30GB+) and £21.99 for 1/2/4/8Mbps
    in the future seems ideal for me.

    However, Pipex support just told me that they're releasing their pricing
    details tomorrow (after I'd gone through the whole process of MAC request,
    answering the questions about why I was moving, would have helped if the
    first thing the customer service bloke had done when I said at the start I
    wanted the MAC so I could move to due to their pricing announcement
    was to tell me Pipex would be posting new details tomorrow and saved me a 20
    minute call), apparently the email went around the office about the
    announcement yesterday. I'm hoping for similar offerings to, if
    they do then I'm staying with Pipex as they've been reliable since I joined
    them (their Usenet servers aren't great, but I use for that
    anyway, don't need binaries).

    If Pipex don't end up with anything that's as good as, for a low
    user like yourself you should look at their Lite scheme for 2Mbps @ £14.99 a
    month (1GB cap), or the 512k at 30GB for £21.99 cap and then switch to 2Mbps
    when they move to the new products in April.

    Not paying activation charges isn't necessarily the best thing to do - why
    pay £8-£15 a month more for a similar service which results in your paying
    more over the first year than on a cheaper service with a £58 activation
    charge? Compare that AOL cost with Lite - you end paying an extra
    £120 in the first year!

    (awaiting the spouting rant from Dave because was mentioned)
    Spack, Feb 22, 2005
  4. cAm

    Bal Guest

    I've just migrated from Pipex to UKonline on their 2mb service. Cost is
    £29.99 a month and includes a free modem which you can always flog if you
    don't need it. My cost for the year works out at £27.50 as I quoted another
    UKonline user as a referral source getting us both a free months rental
    back. Pop over to for more details and if you want to sign
    up drop us a line and we can both benefit from the referral program.


    Bal, Feb 22, 2005
  5. cAm

    cAm Guest

    Thanx for the replies friends.
    I would rather wait till april as bt are planning to come up with 8mb
    trial service and someone from said they will possibly increase
    all 2 mb services to 8mb. that means for 24.99 a month, 8mb service with
    50gb cap. and not to mention about "NO 12 MONTH CONTRACT"

    cAm, Feb 24, 2005
  6. cAm

    Bal Guest

    8mb ADSL with a 50gb cap!!! what would be the point, most people will have
    maxed ii within a week and that's being conservative. Also can't see BT or
    anyone for that matter doing it for £24.99 considering most ISP are in the
    middle of announcing new packages/prices as we speak. But then again
    stranger things have happened, would we even dreamed about 2mb service a
    couple of years back let alone 8mb.


    Bal, Feb 25, 2005
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