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Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Laura, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Laura

    Laura Guest

    I guess they use their microwave dishes and satellites for mind
    control. The employees install surveillance devices when possible and
    are the mind controllers of school children in the underground of the
    communities they live in.

    I was married to a man for 18 years and we had a child together. It
    was a fake relationship set up by the Marines* (he was trained in the
    use of the government's demonic weapons.) His work as a cable manager
    was a cover life.

    The U.S. military went exclusively demonic after the Kennedy
    assassination. My father was part of the planning and cover-up for the
    assassination and was friends with George Herbert Walker Bush, who was
    also part of the assassination.

    Please see:

    "Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. -- resemblance to man in photo with Specter"

    "George Herbert Walker Bush"

    "Study of Evil -- a World Reappraised"


    For the names of the friends of Richard Hanning, Jr. (the dick they
    forced me to **** for 18 years**) at Charter Communications who are
    also mind controllers, please see:

    "Richard's friends and fellow mind controllers at Charter (Fond du

    Charter's vendors are also mind control device manufacturers. For a
    list of names, please see:

    "Vendors (Charter)"


    If you are a doctor or veterinarian under the age of 60 you were
    probably traumatized by my legal mother in satanic rituals. Please

    "Donna Landsberg -- photos"


    *All Marines are latent homosexuals -- he preferred to **** me
    doggie-style. His Mommy is part of a Navy operation against God (UFO
    cover-up), torturing infants. He ass-fucked her here in the astral
    plane to help resolve his potty-training issues. Her name is Leita
    Faye Engels (Admiral.) She worked for the phone company (Bell South)
    in her cover life.

    **Richard passed my **** around at night for money because he thinks
    I'm the Holy Spirit of God. Please see:

    "Pistis Sophia, Holy Spirit of God"

    These people also run drugs and traffic in children for money (with the
    protection of the government.)

    Government meth labs are run under golf courses.

    Richard Hanning, Jr., additional cable/mind control contacts:

    The above three jpg files are not showing up. Text:

    Richard Hanning Jr.
    206 Ledgewood Dr.
    Fond du Lac, WI. 54935
    Home Phone: 920-906-9351
    Cell Phone: 920-960-4074


    Name Title E-mail

    Gary Bascom Dir of Operations - Time Warner Cable


    Randy Stephens Plant Manager - Cox Communications


    Wayne Callihan Operations Manager - System Services


    Bill Walkup Self Employed - Cable Construction


    Jeff Tyrie Time Warner Cable - Contract Inst Mgr

    Jeff Gerner Charter Communications - Eng Manager


    Kenyon Kelley Cox Communications - Field Service
    1-504-304-7345 ext: 4278

    Cindy Bonnett Charter Communications - HR

    Richard Hanning Jr.
    206 Ledgewood Dr.
    Fond du Lac, WI. 54935
    Home Phone: 920-906-9351
    Cell Phone: 920-960-4074

    Previous Employers

    Previous Employer Address Contact Name Position

    Charter Communications 165 Knights Way Lisa Washa VP of Operations
    Fond du Lac, WI. 920-907-7751

    Cox Communications 2120 Canal St. Melvin Bijou VP of Field Service
    New Orleans, LA. 504-304-7345

    Time Warner Cable 3600 N. Sillect Ave. Kevin O'Connor VP of
    Bakersfield, CA. 661-327-9935

    Time Warner Cable 1250 Stoops Ferry Donna Gruseck General Manager
    Moon Township, PA. 412-264-6600

    Time Warner Cable 5450 Winchester Rd. Terry Kennedy Dir of Cust
    Memphis, TN. 901-365-1770

    Adelphia Communications 1100 Clay Ave. Bob Wahl General Manager
    Dunmore, PA. 717-342-2270

    Adelphia Communications 363 N Central Ave. Jim Kitchen General Manager
    Staunton, VA. 504-886-3419

    Adelphia Communications 20080 SW 167 Ave Glen Madison Dir of
    Miami, FL. 305-238-7690


    Laura Landsberg
    305 Linden St., Apt. B
    Fond du Lac, WI 54935
    (920) 922-2599
    Laura, Jan 27, 2006
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