Change Solaris NIS master to Centos 5

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Kiksadi, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Kiksadi

    Kiksadi Guest

    I've been running a slave Centos 5 master with no problems for a few
    months now. The master is running an old version of SunOS 4.1.4. I
    want to make the Centos server the new master and I have read much
    documentation on how to do this.

    The steps I have left are (taken from

    1) Copy the map sources files and the NIS Makefile from the oldserver,
    and then rebuild all of the maps:

    2) Install copies of the new master server's maps on the old master

    3) On the old master server, distribute copies of the new maps to all
    NIS slave servers using yppush:

    At this point, the old master server is running as a NIS slave, and
    the the new master server as an NIS master.

    4) Log into the new master server in multiuser mode using the root

    5) Remove the old master server from the ypservers map:

    6) Distribute the changed ypservers map to other servers:

    7) Check whether the new master server's name is included in the new

    Step 1 above is what I am confused about in this situation. If I was
    changing from a server with the same OS and version, I think it would
    be much simpler. However, the Sun server is old and has been in use
    for several years. This means it has a large amount of users and
    groups to migrate.

    My question is has anyone run into a similar situation and have any
    tips? In my mind, the passwd and group files are the most worrisome
    since I need to merge the old with the new, disregarding system files
    from the old server and including the system files with the new

    Since I'm using shadow passwords on Centos what can I do to get the
    passwords from the old system recognized by the new system? Thanks
    for any help.
    Kiksadi, Feb 4, 2008
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