Can't connect to a windows 98 share from a windows xp machine in a dominion

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by luis, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. luis

    luis Guest

    Hello, I added a windows 98 machine to a dominion and
    shared the c drive, when I log from another machine in the
    dominion ( a windows XP machine) it takes a long time and
    then it asks for a password, even thought I am logged on
    with the password and user that I allowed to see the
    windows 98 share, it is on a different hub in relation to
    the first machine. I need to access that machine on a
    regular basis, what is wrong?, I am wandering something
    about DNS .... hosts...
    luis, Jul 22, 2003
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  2. luis

    James Egan Guest

    Ever since the dominion invaded the alpha quadrant everything is now

    James Egan, Jul 22, 2003
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