Can someone help please, basestation untility won't recognize.....

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Jackie, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Jackie

    Jackie Guest

    Hi I hope someone can help me please. I recently found
    out that my neighbor hacked into my system even though I
    had the security WEP set up for the strongest possible.
    Microsoft has changed my settings for me to help prevent
    this from occuring again but I just noticed that my
    broadband Network utility for both of my computers isn't
    listing the connected PC's in the Connected Network
    Devices section on the side of my utility. I'm hoping
    that if I can get them to list ALL PC's that are connected
    I will be able to notice if my neighbor tries to hack into
    my PCs again. How do I get the utility to list these
    again? I have tried to refresh this list several times
    without luck. I have the wirelessg basestation and the
    510 adapter.
    Jackie, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. Jackie

    Jackie Guest

    Hi everyone hafter more than 3 hours on line with Tech
    Sup. I figured it out myself. So if you are having
    trouble with yours heres an easy fix. After trying
    various ways to get the PCs in my home to list in the
    utility and ALL failing I removed the hardware from my
    device manager and removed the software from the PC with
    the wireless connection in my case model MN510. I
    reinstalled the software using the 1st option to also set
    up a product. The first time I was asked to set up file
    sharing I declined. That failed so I
    uninstalledeverything and reinstalled again this time
    setting up for file sharing. I guess it had something to
    do with the fact the PC I was working with is operating
    Windows ME. Once the system restarted It asked if I
    wanted to sset up for the file sharing or retaining my
    current settings I chose to retain the current setting of
    NO file sharing. And It worked it is now showing up in
    my Basestation Manager. Also i received some really good
    advice from Microsoft about my PC and wireless network
    getting hacked into even though I was setup with a WEP
    and had the broadband firewall running. After you have
    all PC's in your home setu with networking go into your
    Management tools go to Wireless and uncheck the box
    beside broadcast network name. This will remove your SSID
    from being public. They also had me set up my firewall
    not to allow Pings from other PCs than those on my
    network. After being hacked into when I thought I was
    protected its better safe than sorry. You may want to
    try yourselves it may or may not work for you but all of
    my PCs are connected and surfing the net just fine.
    Jackie, Jun 25, 2004
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  3. Jackie

    Guest Guest

    Removing the SSID broadcast still leaves the wireless
    vulnerable. It just makes attacks a little harder -- a
    special software freely available in the Internet is

    To protect your network, you should change the WEP key
    frequently and set MAC address filtering -- or upgrade
    the base station to 802.11g that supports WPA (e.g.

    WEP in 802.11b is flawed for all vendors. This includes
    the MN-500 and equipment from all other vendors. When
    enough wireless data is captured, the WEP key can be
    inferred, permitting an attacker to connect to a network,
    or view wireless data (e.g. files exchanged between
    computers, or browsing the web) without having to
    actually connect to the LAN (and thus without being

    By changing the WEP key frequently, the amount of data is
    limited hopefully preventing an attacked from obtaining
    the key. The MAC filtering further increases security by
    preventing an attacker from connecting to the LAN, in the
    event she was able to obtain enough data to get the WEP
    Guest, Jun 25, 2004
  4. Jackie

    Ken Guest

    If I could add one thing. Barb Bowman mentioned in an
    article about using a "decoy" base station, as well. I
    found that having a cheap 802.11b base station with an
    SSID of "GAMES" and easily hacked WEP key, allows me to
    log the MAC address of would-be hackers adapters. I then
    can enter them into the EXCLUDE MAC ADDRESSES list of my
    actual, working, MN-700 base station. One more layer...
    Ken, Jun 25, 2004
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