Can I make kids pc only get my Wifi and not neighbors?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Aaron, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Aaron

    Aaron Guest

    I have a Linksys wireless G router and my kids have Linksys wireless USB
    adapters. They always pick up my neighbor's signal instead of mine. I want
    to be able to shut off their web access when I am not home or when they've
    been on long enough, but they can just surf with my neighbor's signal. Is
    there any way I can configure their PC's to only accept my broadcast? Or is
    there a program I can use to accomplish this?

    Yes, I could just tell the neighbor to lock down his signal but honestly I
    don't know which neighbor it is and there are a lot of houses around me.
    Plus he probably won't know how to configure it anyway.

    Aaron, Oct 22, 2004
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  2. Aaron

    Ed Guest

    I would think your neigbor, would like to know that teenagers are using
    his unsecured network..... before he gets a supoena from the RIAA, rather
    than afterward.

    Ed, Oct 22, 2004
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  3. Aaron

    peter Guest

    If you are using winXP, you could config the wireless network to not
    automatically connect to an any wifi access point, but to connect only to a
    particular ESSID. If you are not using WEP, use it.

    You would need to set this up in administrator account and not let the kids
    reconfig it. But you should assume they would find a way around it, if they
    are teenagers.

    If you use a directional antenna with a laptop, you can probably pinpoint
    where the open wifi signal is coming from. Or just walk around and home in
    where the signal is strongest.

    peter, Oct 22, 2004
  4. Aaron

    Bob Schmidt Guest

    Would it be possible to set your home network up on an uncommonly used
    private IP address scheme, such as, oh, say, subnet mask (download a free copy of Solarwinds advanced subnet
    calculator to get others). This would give your network address ranges from to After configging your G router in this address
    block, disabling DHCP server on the router, you could go into your password
    protected admin account on the kids PC's and hard-set their IP addresses to
    ones within that block. I think, and I may be wrong here, that if they still
    saw the neighbor's networks, they would very unlikely be able to hook up to
    them because their PC's would not be able to get a DHCP address from the
    neighbor Access Point because the kids are hard-set to only your network's
    address scheme.

    If I'm way off on this, somebody let me know. I have not tried this but as
    long as the kids PCs are within the address parameters of the address and
    subnet, and the router IP address (usually the first useable in the
    subnet--in the above case is set as default gateway on the kids
    PCs, you should have a workable network and I THINK the kids would be unable
    to surf a random network, as they would be restricted to only their hard-set
    subnet. The key thing would be to disallow the kids access to the admin
    account and any ability to set their PC back to DHCP.

    Another thing you could do is, if the wireless hardware's software setting
    allows, restrict the kids PC's USB adaptors to G only--this might cut down
    some connection possibilities if the neighbors are on B only. They could
    change this easily though if they figured it out.
    Bob Schmidt, Oct 22, 2004
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Guest

    How would I do this? Thanks!
    Aaron, Oct 23, 2004
  6. Aaron

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Your kids will eventually defeat that. You need to talk to your kids about
    not taking advantage of the situation.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Oct 23, 2004
  7. Double-click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar, select "view
    wireless networks", then select "change order of referred networks" from
    the menu on the right. Delete your neighbour's networks from the list.

    Your machine will now automatically connect to your wlan by preference. The
    neighbour's wlan will still show up in the list of possible networks, but
    your machine will automatically connect to yours first.

    I've not tried it, but if you do this using an admin acct, and ensure your
    kids use only restricted accounts, they should not be able to change it
    back easily.

    Of course, they could still manually connect to the neighbour's network.
    The only fix ofr that is to get your neighbour to put security in place.
    Mark McIntyre, Oct 23, 2004
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