Can I do web hosting from my home on my Linux box, I should be accessible this web server over Inter

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by tvnaidu, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. tvnaidu

    tvnaidu Guest

    I am wondering also which service (cable or DSL) to buy to set up my
    home connection for web server up and running. Since I want to run a
    Apache webserver on my Linux box. All the DSL services are using
    dynamic IP, which prevent my home web site from seeing over the
    Internet. If it is Dynamic IP, if there is any power failure and
    PC/Modem/switch gets reboot, then my IP address might change, How can I
    get static IP address?. Does anybody knows what the best deal to set up
    a home web server with consistant Internet connection? I have to go for
    web hosting service to host my personal site. Anybody knows what good
    web hostings that support linux with mysql?.

    tvnaidu, Jan 11, 2005
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  2. Not ALL of them, probably the cheapest. Anyway, you can use something
    like dyndns to point a domain name to your (dynamic) IP.

    Be sure that your ISP T&C allow you to run your own web server.
    Buy one.

    Davide Bianchi, Jan 11, 2005
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  3. I run apache on a dynamic adsl IP (mostly for my own use and learning). I
    use for dynamic DNS (to map static names to dynamic IP) and
    run their DNS update client from /etc/ppp/ip-up (which runs automatically
    whenever pppoe gets an IP). So I can always find my home box to ssh to it
    or grab something from apache. Some ISPs block incoming port 80.

    However, if you intend to eventually do anything like e-mail directly, it
    helps to have a static IP, since many mail filters reject mail from
    dynamic IPs. Some ISPs block outgoing port 25 other than to their own
    smtp (due to worms/trojans).

    For info on ISPs see alias

    There are many low cost web hosts available that would be faster than any
    home DSL/cable connection. Another alternative is a Unix shell account
    like (alias which includes
    web space and has options for setting up your own domain.
    David Efflandt, Jan 11, 2005
  4. tvnaidu

    tvnaidu Guest

    Actually I am doing for my personal purpose, I want to create my home
    page and I want to run that web site on my machine at home
    ( and I want to link some of the popular web
    sites/places/people on my own website, also I want to have my e-mail
    account (), also I want to create some e-mail accounts
    for my family members, so that I can access these e-mail from any where
    on the world over the web. If I run these services from third party,
    then I have to pay for web hosting, design, also for running my web
    site up and running, I don't want to do that since that costs more
    money, I registred my own web site ( and I want to run
    that site from my Linux machine.

    For launching that site, I am collecting some info, if somebody have
    some clues, provide me. Thanks in advance.
    tvnaidu, Jan 12, 2005
  5. tvnaidu

    Ed Prochak Guest

    Have you regestered your domain yet?

    there are lots of companies that will host sites (including mine) for a
    fee. Hosting is separate from designing/building the site.

    And email is separate from that.

    Until you get your domain regertered, you are not really going to be on
    the web.

    Ed Prochak
    Magic Interface, Ltd
    Ed Prochak, Jan 12, 2005
  6. What you're proposing is not difficult, merely time-consuming. I suggest
    you break it up into small, manageable pieces.

    1) Web server. Apache. Get the docs, learn it.

    2) Email. OK, hosting your own email is a major, major, major PITA. You
    need to configure sendmail/postfix/whatever. You need to decide if you're
    going to spam-block; and if so, what you're going to use.
    Spamassassin/dspam/whatever. How about virus scanning? Clamav?
    Something proprietary? How are you going to tie them all together?
    procmail? amavis? Something else? OK, now you got your email getting to
    your machine. So are you going to use webmail/pop/imap to collect your
    email? If POP/Imap, are you going to use qpopper? Dovecot? which
    webmail interface are you going to use? How do you configure
    php/python/perl on your apache web server? Lots of studying (and lots of
    interesting learning if you're so inclined.) Did I say email is a major
    PITA? :)

    3) DNS. You will have to contract with someone to provide DNS services
    so people can find your web site. Will you also run local DNS?
    Captain Dondo, Jan 13, 2005
  7. tvnaidu

    tvnaidu Guest

    Yes, I just registered it. Otherthan that I didn't do anything yet. I
    am collecting info on how to do other things from site
    build/launch/e-mail, all these things from home.
    tvnaidu, Jan 13, 2005
  8. tvnaidu

    tvnaidu Guest

    I think I need local DNS, I have 6 machines, I need to access my own
    docs on, these are all my local docs, if I type, it should go to my local website, also if I type, then I should get my website which can be seen from
    outside world. Thanks.
    tvnaidu, Jan 13, 2005
  9. You need both. Really. In order to register your real domain, you need 2
    external DNS providers.

    Then you should set up your internal DNS to serve the internal network.
    You *must not* use addresses like unless you also have
    fixed IPs for those.... You should set up an internal domain (I use
    mydomain.lan) and set up DNS for those. Your DNS server should forward
    queries for the outside world to your ISP provider.

    I recommend that you get 'DNS and BIND' from O'Reilly; you also probably
    want the DHCP book as well.

    Like I said, lots of learning to do.
    Captain Dondo, Jan 13, 2005
  10. tvnaidu

    James Knott Guest

    Many ISPs include web space with your account. For example, my ISP allows 9
    mail accounts, each of which come with 10 MB of web space. Also, I believe is already in use.
    James Knott, Jan 14, 2005
  11. tvnaidu

    tvnaidu Guest


    Actually my plan is, I wanted to host my persoanl web site from my own
    Linux computer at my home, this way If I want to make changes and
    update my site, I can do it locally and then I will reflect that pages
    for outside, here, means suppose my name is Mel Gibson,
    then I would like to launce If some ISP gives 10
    e-mail accounts, also 10MB of space fro free, then I have to pay some
    amount every month right?, instaed of that I want to register my own
    site from Network solutions or whoever provides registration of site,
    then I woluld to launch that from my personal Linux based computer at
    home, also I need an e-mail access using my site account. for eaxmple,

    Is launching different from ?.
    Do I have to keep two separate servers, one for web server to
    maintenance and another for e-mail access
    ? Or can those two functions can be provided by
    same computer. I think I have to buy DNS for address resolution (my web
    site to my static IP address, suppose if somebody
    types that web address, then that name should convert to IP addr).
    Thanks in advance and appreciated.
    tvnaidu, Jan 16, 2005
  12. tvnaidu

    Jim Berwick Guest

    wrote in
    Honestly, if you are asking these kinds of questions, you should splurge on
    the $5 per month to have a real webhost do it for you. No offense.
    Jim Berwick, Jan 16, 2005
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