Can Bluetooth Wireless Ethernet and DSL all co-exist and work together?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Peter Pan, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan Guest

    I have a WiFi system (WAP/Router via Ethernet, always on computer, DSL, 2
    Tera of storage) and am wondering if I can plug one of those bluetooth
    dongles into a USB port, bridge (?) that to the net, and let people with
    PDA's with bluetooth access the system too.. Any body do them both at the
    same time? The people I have talked to have only done one or the other, I'd
    like to do em both, or is there a better way (coworker has a pda with built
    in bluetooth, would like to access the DSL/storage/printer etc)...
    Peter Pan, Feb 27, 2006
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  2. No manufacturers, no model numbers, you get no specifics.

    Bluetooth 1.2 and 2.0 will avoid a wi-fi signal with AFH (adaptive
    ferquency hopping) and will coexist with wi-fi quite nicely. I use it
    all the time. Skype using Bluetooth headset with my Wi-Fi router
    about 3ft away. No problems.

    Bluetooth 1.1 screws up badly and was really bad withing about 3-5 ft.
    Farther away was less of a problem but the effects were still noticed
    almost anywhere in the room. I would hear clicks and pops on the
    Bluetooth headset, and the wireless would slow down and downloads.

    One of my friends has some model Dell Axim PDA with both Bluetooth and
    802.11b. It can sorta run both at the same time, but it really burns
    the battery badly. I tried to build a bridge of sorts between the
    Bluetooth and 802.11b sides through the PDA and killed the battery in
    about 15 mins. It also was running slower than I would expect. It
    worked but I don't think it's practical with limited battery life.

    However, I've done the Bluetooth to 802.11g bridge on my laptop
    without any difficulty. Windoze XP has the "Network Bridge" feature
    in the Network control panel which does this.
    Jeff Liebermann, Feb 27, 2006
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  3. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan Guest

    Thanks for the generic reply, sorry for no specifics.

    I was just brainstorming an idea, and your reply says it should be possible
    (my coworker has an iPAQ, and the WiFi part took a dump, but the bluetooth
    part still works, so the idea was is it feasible to put a bluetooth USB
    adapter on the WiFi server, bridge the two networks, and let him still use
    the iPAQ to access the network, without a huge repair bill). The one I am
    looking at is the Kensington USB Bluetooth 2.0 adapter ($40, repair estimate
    on the iPAQ was $280!)

    Marc (aka Peter Pan)
    Peter Pan, Feb 27, 2006
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