C&W Wireless router won't connect wirelessly

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by geo.marsh, May 7, 2006.

  1. geo.marsh

    geo.marsh Guest

    I've got a problem with wireless connectivity issues. I have a D-Link
    DWL-G122 USB wireless adapter and a C&W ADSL wireless router.

    My ISP is Tiscali and Im about to give up on the whole 'wireless world'
    as this is driving me nuts. I wont go into configuration details as I
    know I've done it correctly. Comes with 1 week of trying.

    You'll laugh but I've - rebuilt my laptop from scratch. Tested the USB
    adapter in the store it came from. Upgraded the USB drivers. Flashed
    the router with the latest firmware, re-set the router, exchanged the
    original router for a replacement convinced the router was faulty!! and
    travelled all over my house trying to get a connection. I dont have
    any other PC's, I just want to get a wireless internet connection on my
    laptop. How hard can it be.

    I've succesfully connected to the net using the Ethernet connection
    from laptop to router and configured the router to the exact
    specifications of my ISP.

    Is it just possible I'll never get a wireless connection in this

    Please help.
    geo.marsh, May 7, 2006
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  2. geo.marsh

    David Taylor Guest

    My ISP is Tiscali and Im about to give up on the whole 'wireless world'
    Why ask if you've done it all correctly?! :) So *exactly* what doesn't
    work and what have you done?
    So *exactly* what have you done?
    Right, so *exactly* what have you done?

    You've stated that you've configured it all correctly (but not provided
    any detail) and it doesn't work, you've done other "stuff" and it
    doesn't work.

    Simple answer is that yes it ought to be possible to get a wireless
    connection but you're going to need to provide much more detail because
    right now, the only thing that can be offered is to suggest to configure
    it in accordance with the instructions.

    David Taylor, May 8, 2006
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