Buffalo WLA-G54, v1.3 firmware, Ethernet interface hosed?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Marton Anka, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Marton Anka

    Marton Anka Guest

    Hi All,

    I've upgraded the firmware in both of my WLA-G54 access points from
    the 1.03 it shipped with to 1.30 (I guess was expecting a bit of speed
    increase), and bam, the Ethernet interface is gone.

    I've tried resetting them to factory defaults, and succeeded, several
    times, but the LAN interface seems to be dead. No matter how many
    times I reset it, no matter how many times I upload the 1.30 firmware.

    It works fine over the wireless interface, I get the web config pages
    and can play with the settings, but unfortunately, there's no "Fix
    Ethernet" button. I know, I looked about a hundred times.

    From the Ethernet side, I can't even ping the suckers. What's odd is
    if I have "ping -t" running (ping continuously, the IP is
    the factory default) and I reboot the device, I, more often than not,
    do get replies to one or two pings. But as soon as the device fully
    initializes itself, Ethernet goes back to sleep.

    It goes like this:

    request timed out
    request timed out
    Reply from 13ms
    Reply from 4ms
    request timed out
    request timed out

    Has anyone seen this behavior? I'm surely not the only person with a
    Buffalo WLA-G55 who upgraded to 1.30.

    I'd dearly love to go back to 1.03 or any earlier firmware release,
    there's a good chance that it would fix the problem, but Buffalo only
    offers the very latest one for download from their site. Does anyone
    have an earlier version? Maybe the oh-so-perfect 1.03? Or anything?
    Note that I'm looking for firmware for the Euro model, there's
    apparently a difference between the US and Euro versions, they won't
    load each other's firmware. The files are only a few megs, email would
    be great.
    Marton Anka, Jul 25, 2003
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