BT Issues: Broadband & Data Transmission (Fax)

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Exasperated, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Exasperated

    Exasperated Guest

    I'm absolutely at my wits' end and BT seem to have me chasing in
    circles spending money hand over fist for something which can *only*
    be their fault. If anyone has any advice, it'd be much appreciated!

    The potted history of this is that I moved into my current address in
    February. The address has one master socket, no extensions. I work
    from home for an Internet company and need a good broadband
    connection, static IP and the ability to fax. My broadband connection
    is an 8mb from Zen and I have an all-in-one fax/scanner/printer.

    In my previous address I had no problems *at all* with either my Zen
    broadband connection or sending faxes, but from day 1 of moving to
    this address neither is working properly. My broadband connection
    slows and eventually drops altogether upwards of a dozen times a day
    and I cannot send OR receive faxes, getting a 'line error' message
    when sending and when receiving the call comes through but cannot
    connect and the sender receives a recorded message saying "this number
    cannot receive faxes".

    The broadband issue has been raised with BT by Zen solidly for a
    month. BT demanded I test with new filters, cables and even broadband
    routers all with the same result. They then put in a new master socket
    and changed the cable into the house with no positive result. They've
    also checked the box in the village and swapped me to a different
    line, again with no result. They then washed their hands of the issue
    and said that, as far as they are concerned, they can see no line
    fault although the problem persists and was witnessed by an engineer.
    The telephone engineer suggested the faxing problem was down to my fax
    so I loaded it in the car and tested it from a friend's house, both
    sending and receiving a fax to my office number successfully.
    Repeating the same test back at home a few hours later to the same
    office number again got me the 'line error' message. Despite having
    transmission print-outs in front of him to show that a faxes to the
    *same number* from the *same fax machine* sent from different lines
    had totally different results (successful from my friend's house and
    not from mine), he still mainted that it must be down to my fax ...
    even when told that using fax software also didn't work!

    BT have now closed the fax issue saying that I'll have to buy a new
    fax machine but also that if I do buy a new fax and get the same
    problem, I will be charged for opening another fault ticket with them!
    On the broadband side of things they've also closed the issue saying
    that it must be Zen at fault.

    The outcome is that I'm trying to work from home with a broadband
    connection that drops every few minutes and without any ability to
    send or receive faxes. If this was purely a residential niggle I'd
    give up at this point but I HAVE to have both these things working
    correctly to continue in my job.

    Does anyone have any advice on either a) what could cause a line to
    have issues with sending data (fax/broadband) but no issue with using
    the telephone or b) where I can go from here to make BT find the fault
    instead of continually denying there's a problem or blaming my
    equipment, even in the face of absolute proof that it's working.
    Exasperated, Apr 17, 2007
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  2. Exasperated

    Graham Guest

    [snip long tale of woe]
    You could order a completely new phone line to test in parallel with the
    existing line ...

    Try contacting:

    Miss Keris Thomas
    BT Internet Operations Complaint Executive
    Complaints Review Service
    Tel - 0845 6002853
    Fax - 01925 712853
    PP8, Warrington Contact Centre, 110 Europa Boulevard, Warrington. WA5 7FZ.

    .... and go back to Zen for more help - they have a reputation to maintain !
    Graham, Apr 17, 2007
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  3. Exasperated

    Exasperated Guest

    Ouch, I think I'll avoid ordering a new line - that's another £130
    plus the line rental for a minimum of 12 months and getting broadband
    moved to a new line which may or may have the issues the current one
    does. That's a lot of expense and 'kerfuffle' to prove a point.

    Miss Thomas there may well be getting a 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells'
    letter though because the cop-out excuse of having no minimum quality
    standards with broadband is BS and I'm sure must be against Trading
    Standards' 'fit for purpose' description for goods or services.
    Exasperated, Apr 17, 2007
  4. Exasperated

    Graham Guest

    No No No !!!!

    The whole point would be to have a completely new ADSL service on the new
    line!!! You would then be able to compare like with like. It might also be
    instructive to us a different ISP - somebody equally trustworthy - I hear
    good things of Andrews & Arnold, see - you might
    even ring them first and ask whether they are up to the challenge.

    And seriously, if this is for work, then the cost of a second line and
    another ISP subscription is surely good value compared with the
    inconvenience you have endured so far ...
    Do let us know how you get on with our Keris. Perhaps a personal visit? ...
    Graham, Apr 17, 2007
  5. Exasperated

    CheekyMonkey Guest

    Don't take any shit from them, you need to keep at them to get a fault
    like this sorted try. Try and get them to raise a SFI (special fault
    investigation), as a standard cooper monkey isn't going to be able to
    sort this out, it's almost certainly some weirdness down at the exchange.

    Try posting this to uk.telecom, I have vague memories of a problem
    similar to this.
    CheekyMonkey, Apr 17, 2007
  6. Yes I do. The fax machine CAN do it. Zen know this too - or they
    certainly used to years ago. Oh and yes the problem DID seem to be fax
    machine model/specific line related. I'm sure Boggits said something
    about this years ago - he works for Entanet now so maybe Jake could
    "prod" him if he sees this and ask if he remembers anything?

    A suggestion that wouldn't cost much would be to buy a cheap USB
    fax/modem and use that for a while. It would prove things one way or
    the other.

    On a personal note faxes are an abomination - hell even the most
    clueless of s/w agencies (and we have dealt with most of them) uses
    email first these days. There are NO good reason for faxes now and in
    the few instances where you must fax then a fax<->email service costs
    everyone less cash.
    John Naismith, Apr 17, 2007
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