BT & higher speeds + lower speeds

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Dan, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    BT haven't released any higher speed products since they launched ADSL in
    the UK in 2000! There's still not a 2mb home product! Funnily enough they've
    lowered them (Data stream connections) or the new 256kbps (ipstream)
    connection in trial stage.

    I wonder why this is? As I see it, speaking from my experience on upgrading
    from 512kbps to 1mb I don't actually use more bandwidth in a month.
    Bandwidth is what costs money. So it doesn't actually cost BT more to supply
    at 512kbps connection to my house than a 1mb connection? Yes it costs Pipex
    more because they have to pay a higher rental on the line from BT. People
    might ask why I upgraded. The reason is I'm impatient and hate having to
    wait for largish downloads to complete.

    I think all these new 150kbps and 250kbps package are going to hold back
    Broadband Britain in the long term and Britain will become less competitive
    with other countries across the world ( more so than they already are) I
    think ISP's which offer a slowest product of 512kbps with a cap is more
    supieror because you can still enjoy the perks of broadband.

    I seriously think 150kbps and 250kbps products should be scrapped with
    512kbps products with caps. When the caps are reached charging per GB extra
    til a maxium of x Maybe a little higher than their uncapped connection

    In an ideal word. BT would have 512kbps, 1mb, 2mb home connections, with
    512k at say £18-£20, 1mb at £25 - £30 and 2mb at £30-£35.All uncapped.
    Capped products would be significantly cheaper. Upload speed a minumum of
    512kbps. Business products up to 8mb aswell!

    What you guys think? Sorry this post sounds like I'm rambling. I'm in a

    Dan, Jun 29, 2004
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  2. Dan

    marky Guest

    BT will be suppliing 2mb conections, the trial is almost over, but if you
    had that you would then want 4mb etc etc, where does it end? a bit of
    reseach on adsl, when you see how it works,you might understand the tech
    side of things, also the reason BT is offering 256, is to people out of
    reach of normal broadband and to people that dont need to download massive
    files, just for faster surfing etc
    marky, Jun 29, 2004
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