BT dumped exchange registration scheme. more details to follow

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Andy M Jenkins, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. News that BT have decided to dump the exchange registration scheme is
    just breaking.

    More details to follow on
    Andy M Jenkins, Apr 27, 2004
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  2. Andy M Jenkins

    Black Shuck Guest

    Or here....

    BT today announced plans to speed up the delivery of broadband services
    to rural communities. These plans will make the UK a world leader for
    broadband availability.
    BT is to systematically rollout ADSL broadband to a further 1,128
    exchanges by no later than summer 2005. This will help bring broadband
    to exchanges serving 99.6 per cent of UK homes and businesses.
    The new approach replaces the broadband registration trigger scheme that
    has helped BT match investment to demand since July 2002.
    Alison Ritchie, BT chief broadband officer, said: “BT has continued to
    innovate in order to drive broadband as an enabler for tomorrow’s
    society and to deliver a truly Broadband Britain.
    “The broadband registration scheme has been a powerful tool for us to
    match investment to demand and its fantastic success, with the support
    of local campaigners, has set the way for other countries to follow.
    “Now, as we move into more and more rural areas and we have a clearer
    picture of growing demand, there are real benefits to be gained through
    a planned roll out. This means we can deliver broadband to far more
    people in a shorter timeframe.
    “This approach also means we can use the best engineering solution for
    the whole network to efficiently manage costs and future growth.
    “Together with our plans to extend the reach of broadband from a local
    exchange, this takes us significantly closer to universal availability.”
    The rollout programme will be announced in detail by the end of June and
    will help BT bring forward some published broadband switch-on dates.

    Alison Ritchie added: “The impact that local campaigners have had has
    been phenomenal – their efforts have meant take-up rates on trigger
    exchanges have exceeded those for exchanges that were enabled before the
    registration scheme. These local heroes have helped change the market
    and this in turn has contributed to our decision to take this approach.”
    BT Wholesale is working with service providers so people will be able to
    place their orders as soon as the go live date for their exchange is
    fixed. The certainty brought by this approach will also help service
    providers with their longer term business planning and marketing activities.
    Today’s announcement will deliver broadband to every exchange in the UK
    except for the very smallest which between them account for less than
    100,000 premises. BT will continue to seek to work in partnership with
    public sector and other organisations to find suitable ways of
    delivering broadband to these exchanges. BT has developed or is
    developing several products that are suitable including wireless and
    satellite broadband as well as the Exchange Activate community broadband
    Black Shuck, Apr 27, 2004
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  3. Andy M Jenkins

    Black Shuck Guest

    In summary - Every exchange that currently has a set trigger, will be
    enabled by Summer 2005.

    The BT tracker now shows the following message....

    "Sorry - ADSL broadband is not yet available in your area but there is
    good news. We are currently finalising the details of a rollout
    programme to bring broadband to every remaining exchange which
    previously had a broadband registration trigger. All such exchanges will
    be enabled for ADSL by summer 2005, including this exchange. Details of
    the rollout programme including the date when broadband will be
    available from your exchange will be published on
    at the beginning of July."
    Black Shuck, Apr 27, 2004
  4. Andy M Jenkins

    Steve Loft Guest

    Typical - this happens 3 days after we reach our trigger! Don't suppose
    anyone knows what will happen to the exchanges currently awaiting RFS
    dates? Will they be announced as normal, or does everyone now go into a
    big pot and we have to wait for the end of June to see our date?
    Steve Loft, Apr 27, 2004
  5. Some more info on Bug now, but documention I have states that exchanges
    currently RFS'ed at the moment, will wait until June 04, and then be
    allocated new dates (which might or might not be the same).

    The rollout plan is a more strategic one, rather than 'fairness' I
    think. Although I'm still waiting on a few confirmation points from BT.
    Andy M Jenkins, Apr 27, 2004
  6. Andy M Jenkins

    Steve Loft Guest

    But the press release says this:

    "The broadband registration scheme will cease with immediate effect -
    those exchanges that have already triggered will have dates set as soon
    as possible. BT will also set dates for all exchanges within ten per
    cent of their triggers so that these can also go into immediate build.
    BT plans to announce the phasing of the rollout for the remaining
    trigger exchanges by the end of June 2004."

    Which I take to mean that those exchanges awaiting RFS dates (plus all
    those which are within 10% of trigger and are thus automatically
    triggered) will get RFS dates announced shortly just as they would had
    the scheme not ended?
    Steve Loft, Apr 27, 2004
  7. Andy M Jenkins

    Black Shuck Guest

    If you are a registered campaigner, logon to the BT Wholesale site, the
    folks from BTW will answer your question...
    Black Shuck, Apr 27, 2004
  8. Andy M Jenkins

    Bob Eager Guest

    Indeed. It would have been more encouraging to read 'will have dates
    set, which will be as soon as possible'.
    Bob Eager, Apr 27, 2004
  9. I've just checked the message for a Falfield number, which triggered on
    Friday night - and get the same sort of message. ie no differentiation
    between the triggered/nearly- triggered and the rest. I hope this is not
    robert w hall, Apr 27, 2004
  10. " those exchanges that have already triggered will have dates set as
    soon as possible. BT will also set dates for all exchanges within ten
    per cent of their triggers so that these can also go into immediate
    build. BT plans to announce the phasing of the rollout for the
    remaining trigger exchanges by the end of June 2004."

    so anything above 90% should see an RFS "soon" and the rest will wait
    until June.

    Phil Thompson, Apr 27, 2004
  11. Andy M Jenkins

    Black Shuck Guest

    If you have triggered, or are within 10% of your trigger, then you can
    expect to recieve a RFS date soon, otherwise you will have to wait until
    June. So for your exchange, you should watch the RFS dates, yours
    should arrive soon (I'm sure they wanna clear the backlog ASAP).
    Black Shuck, Apr 27, 2004
  12. Our exchange was nearly triggered, so we are in the 10% criteria. From what
    BT are saying to our campaign manager, the exchange is going into the build
    phase and we should have an RFS date within three weeks. Other sources on
    the net state that the 10% plus the remaining exchanges that have triggered,
    will receive RFS dates before the roll out of the new programme in June. As
    far as how far out RFS dates will be, it is everyone's guess. However, if
    BT is going to have 99.6% coverage by next summer, one would think that this
    process is going to move along at a very quick pace.

    Currently, there are 1060 exchanges which have RFS dates. The triggered,
    plus 10% is 268, leaving BT to schedule 1614 exchanges in the new programme
    which have not triggered. The combined total of 2,942 exchanges to bring
    into service between now and next summer is more than all the current
    exchanges that are active (2,577). This is more than doubling their ADSL
    network by way of exchange numbers and presuming they aim for say August
    2005, this is 196+ exchanges a month. No matter how you slice it, if BT is
    good on it's word, this is a very ambitious building programme.

    Donovan Palmer, Apr 28, 2004
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