BT and FON launch the world's largest Wi-Fi community

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Sunil Sood, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Sunil Sood

    Sunil Sood Guest

    FON and BT have partnered to create the BT FON Community to cover the
    entire U.K. with hundreds of thousands of BT FON hotspots.

    BT's more than 3 million consumer Total Broadband customers will be
    invited to join the global community of people sharing their

    At launch, new members will be part of an existing community of
    500,000 members and will have access to more than 190,000 FON hotspots
    worldwide. Anyone joining in will be able to use those FON hotspots
    across the world and all the new BT FON hotspots free of charge.

    The revolutionary idea for a massive Wi-Fi community, built by
    individual people and not a large corporate enterprise, marks BT's
    boldest step yet in building extensive broadband coverage outside of
    the home or office.

    Every person who agrees to share a small portion of their home
    broadband connection, by opening up a separate, secure channel on
    their wireless router, will be able to share the connection of any
    other member. BT Total Broadband customers will also be able to use
    BT's premium existing hotspot network BT Openzone, including 12
    Wireless Cities.

    BT FON aims to build a huge community Wi-Fi network, covering hundreds
    of thousands of hotspots, in a short space of time, under the slogan
    "Wi-Fi for everyone, I'm in". The secure open Wi-Fi solution was
    developed by FON and BT's research labs. BT has invested in FON as
    part of the tie-in, joining the company's other investors, which
    include Google. BT will also have a seat on the board of FON.

    The BT FON deal will accelerate and complement the work BT has already
    done with BT Openzone in order to provide the largest possible Wi-Fi
    coverage across the UK and the rest of the world.

    Gavin Patterson, BT Group managing director, Consumer, said: "This is
    the start of something very exciting for BT. Today we are launching a
    people's network of Wi-Fi, which could one day cover every street in

    "We are giving our millions of Total Broadband customers a choice and
    an opportunity. If they are prepared to securely share a little of
    their broadband, they can share the broadband at hundreds of thousands
    of FON and BT Openzone hotspots today, without paying a penny.

    "We have built a public Wi-Fi network and 12 Wireless Cities already,
    but today we are saying to customers, let's build a Wi-Fi community
    together, which covers everywhere and serves everyone."

    Martin Varsavsky, FON's Founder and CEO, said of the strategic
    partnership: "BT is a fantastic addition to our roster of investors
    and highlights the on-going success of FON, the enormous support from
    ISPs and Telcos around the world and the strength of our vision to
    establish shared Wi-Fi access worldwide. From the beginning FON users
    believed in the concept of sharing and in the peoples' ability to
    participate in building something important that would benefit
    everyone. With BT FON, those beliefs have proved to be well-founded."

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    Sunil Sood, Oct 4, 2007
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  2. Sunil Sood

    Gizmo. Guest

    I just hope BT haven't pissed too much money up that wall !!
    Gizmo., Oct 4, 2007
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  3. I dunno, I'm sure they could engineer it to look like they have just
    gained a couple of hundred thousand customers.
    Thomas Kenyon, Oct 8, 2007
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