Blueyonder broadband/Netgear RT314 Router problems are driving me mad!

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Ross Balmer, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Ross Balmer

    Ross Balmer Guest

    I recently moved from Stoke Newington to Finsbury Park, bringing my
    home network with me. I use a Netgear RT314 Router to connect our two
    destop machines and the occasional laptop to our Blueyonder broadband
    cable account. This used to work perfectly well before we moved. Now,
    I get intermittent use at best.

    Our connection works fine if I just connect one machine directly to
    the internet (which in a way is frustrating, since the problems I've
    been experiencing only happen when I connect through the router, and
    Blueyonder tech support won't help me with that setup).

    What appears to be happening is that when the router comes on we get
    connectivity for a few minutes to a few hours, then packet-loss starts
    going through the roof until we cannot get a connection at all. If I
    reboot the Router the connection comes back again only to be lost a
    few minutes later.

    I have tried renewing the lease through the Netgear admin interface,
    but this, strangely, has no effect. Connectivity is only restored if
    the router is completely rebooted.

    A few days ago I tried updating the router firmware to the latest
    release. To my joy and amazement I thought I had fixed the problem,
    since we had perfect connectivity for a few days. That is, until last
    night. Now, it seems we are back to the same old problems.

    Another thing I have tried is using different combinations of cables,
    in case that was the root of the problem, but it seems that is not the

    I am tempted to buy another router, but of course I don't want to do
    that unless I have good reason to believe that it will fix the

    This is getting to the stage where it is driving me mad! Please, does
    anyone out there have any suggestions for me? Is anybody experiencing
    the same problems, with a Netgear or with any other kind of router?


    Thanks in advance,

    Ross Balmer
    Ross Balmer, Jul 19, 2003
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