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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by John T., Jul 15, 2003.

  1. John T.

    John T. Guest

    Can someone please explain how I get a Linksys 4 port router (model BEF ???)
    to work with the Webstar DPX100 broadband modem, supplied by Blue Yonder.
    This is a friends set-up, which at the moment has three PC's connected via a
    hub, sharing the broadband connection from one system. The modem is
    connected via USB, but it has got an Ethernet port built into it. I followed
    the instructions that came with the router, but I think they assume you
    already have a connection set up through a NIC and not USB.I have connected
    all three systems to the router and I connected the modem to the WAN port,
    but nothing seems to see anything else. If I go to the Blue Yonder self help
    page and enter the MAC address of the router, will I then be able to
    disconnect USB and connect to the internet through the router?


    John T.
    John T., Jul 15, 2003
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  2. John T.

    Mine Guest

    You will first have to fit a NIC card into the PC and find its MAC address.
    Register the Mac address with Blueyonder, they have a slfcare page that
    enables this. Then power off everything for a good ten minutes.
    Look at the intsrtuctions that came with the router and follow them but you
    will be able to clone the Mac address of the NIC card into the router.
    Connect the Modem to the Wan port. Connect the 1st primary PC to port 4.
    Follow the instructions to get it all running. Use explorer to gain access
    to the router.
    Get this working and then slowly connect the other PCs one by one.
    For more detailed help try:
    and a newsgroup called :
    Mine, Jul 15, 2003
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  3. John T.

    John T. Guest

    Thanks For such a detailed response, I will be tackling this at the weekend.


    John T.
    John T., Jul 16, 2003
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