Belkin F5D7630-4A ADSL Modem with Wireless Router - problems

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by hornbyrob, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. hornbyrob

    hornbyrob Guest

    I am having problems with my wireless router. On occasion the
    connection between the PC and the wireless router keeps dropping and I
    lose my connection. This seems to be more prevelant when two computers
    are using the network (in many cases when this happens one computer
    keeps losing the connection while the other is fine). I have tried
    numerous settings within the router settings but with no luck. Does
    anyone have any ideas?

    I am using WPA-PSK encryption and running Windows XP fully patched.
    Both computers are using static IP addresses on the network. Many of
    my issues look similar to the issues in this thread,10070950. I have tried
    pretty much all the ideas there minus the change in firmware.

    The loss of connection is driving me mad!
    hornbyrob, Nov 16, 2005
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  2. hornbyrob

    john Guest

    The problem is down to Windows itself. I use XP home - a legal copy and up
    to date - if you leave the PC on long enough it will lose the ability to
    provide web browsing. You have to click repair connection or switch off and
    on again. Using two PCs causes problems too.
    Obtaining an IP address is a headache.
    This is on a DLINK ADSL router by the way, one PC has a realtek card and the
    other a Belkin PCI. So it's not down to the actual hardware or the router.
    It is Windows XP Home and Professional I run! BOTH have problems.

    I'm waiting for MS to release a fix for this.
    You're not alone, it seems to be happening more and more now.
    Mine uses WPA-PSK.
    john, Nov 16, 2005
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  3. hornbyrob

    Peter M Guest

    Sorry, but I'd be suspicious of the *router* which is the common denominator.

    Here I use Win 95, Win 98, and Windows XP Home and have PCs on a lot of the
    time (some have been on 24 x 7 for weeks, others for a week at a time) without
    having problems over the internet connection. If you had cables rather than
    going wireless, I wonder whether you'd still blame it on Windows XP... For
    all I know it could be the drivers (but again, as the common denominator is a
    wireless router, that's the thing I would suspect the most). Also, if you
    used fixed IP addresses, instead of using DHCP, you may find few problems, or
    set the lease time to be several weeks, if you can. I have set up wireless
    routers at the homes of a few people, and none have the same problems.

    They're not (for various reasons, mostly a mix of Win 98 and Win XP) using
    WPA, but do use WEP and have fixed IP addresses (as I use VNC to get
    a connection to their PC, if they get stuck with a virus).
    Then what exactly must they fix ? If it was a problem with TCP/IP it'd
    have caused the same problems with Win 95 and earlier on with MS-DOS.
    Peter M, Nov 16, 2005
  4. hornbyrob

    Conor Guest

    Conor, Nov 17, 2005
  5. hornbyrob

    Conor Guest

    Mine did the same. In the end I got so fed up after the same problem
    with three of them that I took it back to pissy world and bought a
    Netgear instead.
    Conor, Nov 17, 2005
  6. hornbyrob

    hornbyrob Guest

    Yeah, just done the same thing. Things seem alot better with the
    Netgear although it has just dropped all the connections in the same
    way as the belkin! Routers are rubbish and can't be well tested!

    Anyway the DG834 Netgear seems better as it allowed my Xbox 360 to
    connect! I had struggled for two days with the Belkin and then tried
    the Netgear and in two shakes it was up and running.

    Looking through all the topics, i wonder if anyone actually has a
    decent wireless setup!
    hornbyrob, Dec 4, 2005
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