Belkin Cable/DSL Gateway Router 802.11b need the best Wireless card

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Linda Lopez, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Linda Lopez

    Linda Lopez Guest

    I have a Belkin Cable/DSL Gateway Router 802.11b. 3 PCs and a new Dell
    P4 Notebook.

    What Wireless card should I buy for the Dell Notebook? Is it
    necessary to use a Belkin wireless card that is 802.11b?
    Linda Lopez, Oct 29, 2004
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  2. Another severe case of "fear of numbers". Any reason why you didn't
    supply model numbers, or do you believe that Belkin and Dell only make
    one model router and laptop?

    No, you don't need to buy everything from one manufactory. That's
    what standards like 802.11b are all about. Anything with 802.11b
    scribbled on the package should work.

    If your "new" Dell P4 Notebook really is new, then one of the stock
    wireless card would probably be the "best" choice. See:
    You can get any of these for $20-$45 on eBay or from Dell. Make sure
    your "new" Dell P4 has a place to insert it (inside) and that it has
    the corresponding antenna connector from the display section, nearby.
    Jeff Liebermann, Oct 29, 2004
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  3. Linda Lopez

    Airhead Guest

    You can buy a 802.11b card or an 802.11G card, If you think you might
    upgrade your router to a G later I would buy a G card. G will talk to B and
    G. I would buy whatever brand your local stores carry, give it a try and if
    it dont work take it back, A "WiFi certified" card should work.
    Airhead, Oct 30, 2004
  4. Linda Lopez

    Alan White Guest

    I agree that any wifi certified card 'should' work.
    But if possible, I think buying from the same company makes life easier,
    particularly for the less experienced. When you call for tech support when
    you have a DLink router and a Belkin card, which one do you call - and it's
    always the other one that is causing the problem.

    And some features on some products only work with both components from the
    same company. Like super G etc.
    Alan White, Oct 30, 2004
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