balloon message and wireless connection problems pls help

Discussion in 'Wireless Networks' started by Roger, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Roger

    Roger Guest

    i have a home network with 2 pcs Sony Vaio and a dell laptop my 2 pcs are
    connected to the wireless router and the laptop has a wireless card. this is
    what is happening every other day when i turn my computers on i will see the
    connection coming in, but when i open the browser to access a page it will
    not display the page. i go into the router setup page and reset everything
    again and still will not work so what i have to do is unplug the router wait
    a minute and plug it back in and it will start working. also i get the pop up
    balloon saying local area connection
    a local cable network is unplug i get this like every 1/2 hour and is i'm
    using a messenger lik msn or yahoo it will sing me out and sing me back in
    within 30 seconds pls any help if got this far pls i need all the help i can
    get cause it's getting very old to unplug the router everytime that happens
    Roger, Jun 22, 2005
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  2. Roger

    Roger Guest

    i also forgot to mention that i have a wireless router CNet cwr-854
    Roger, Jun 22, 2005
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  3. Roger

    Installer Guest

    Hello , right click on wireless icon /Open network connections / right click
    local area connection / disable . And if you have '1394 Connection' , enable
    1394 . And same with 'Wireless Network Connection ' enable . With SP2 , Rigt
    click on either icon / Properties / Advanced / Windows Firewall ' / click
    'Settings' button / Turn on Firewall if you want . A Padlock will appear on
    all 'enabled' connections . For browser connection : Try right click on ISP
    icon / Connections / Connection Settings / LAN . I had browser problems
    periodicaly , and when I diabled 'Cable' connection and seleted 'LAN'
    connection , all is well . Also , click 'Make Default' button after selecting
    'LAN" . You may need to call the wireless company and go through your other
    settings with them . I setup my wireless and found it was worth the while to
    call the wireless company for getting the proper and effective settings .
    Your SSID may be set to your own settings ,and then make that SSID (default)
    in ' View Available Network Connections ' Right click on Wireless icon .
    Installer, Jun 22, 2005
  4. Roger

    Roger Guest

    hello KD tks for ur help, i'm not quite sure if i got it right yet but this
    is what i see when i open my network connections :

    Internet Gateway

    Internet Connection
    Internet Conection

    LAN or High-Speed Internet

    1394 Conection

    Connected, Firewalled
    1394 Net Adapter

    Local Area Connection
    Connected, Firewalled
    Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI F...

    if i disble the local area connection i can't connect to the internet
    can u pls guide trough the process if it's not to much to ask maybe from the
    begining. to see if i did something wrong.
    tks so much again for ur help
    Roger, Jun 22, 2005
  5. Roger

    Installer Guest

    Hello , Sounds as if your SSID's are not matched or same .( I believe you
    have your Cable Modem connected to the wireless router , and the pc connected
    to the wireless router , and local connection is good . To set SSID will be
    in two areas . 1) in 'View Avaiable Wireless Networks / Change the order of
    preferred networks / Check 'Use Windows to configure my wireless network
    settings / in ' Preferred networks ' these are the preset SSID's 1 or more
    will be listed . 'Automatic' , 'On Demand' and 'default' will selected after
    you click 'Add' button ,Click 'Add' / click 'OK' / you may type in your SSID
    .. in (SSID) box on the 'Wireless network properties' window . Next , is
    wireless network key : Network Authenication : Open / Data encryption : WEP .
    / Check 'The key is provided for me automaticaly . / Click 'OK' . / 'Wireless
    Networks ' sould be open still , and click to highlight the SSID / 'Move up
    ' button . This will make you SSID the default after you set up at the
    wireless website settings page . 2)Go there and view all tabs and familiarize
    with the tabs , find match up SSID characters . In 'Security' / Wireless /
    You may select your own WEP key there or write down and save the one perhaps
    provided and should only be in 'Key 1 : Use 1 key , do not use the
    'Passphrase:' make that box blank / Securoty Mode : WEP / Default Transmit
    Key , tic 1 / WEP Encryption : try 64 bits 10 hex digits ... this will mean
    you will use 10 letters and numbers total . for the WEP Key / Key 2 , Key 3 ,
    Key 4 will be left blank / Click 'Save Setting ' button . Click 'Wireless
    Settings ' tab / Basic Wireless Settings / Wireless Network Mode : Mixed /
    SSID : your choice as to match exactly per settings in Preferred Networks' /
    Wireless Channel : 11 - 2.462GHz / Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable , but be
    sure to contact the wireless people to understand this setting , to determine
    security and eavesdropping . Select 'Save Settings . ' In 'Setup ' tab
    Router Name is required / Host name leave blank / Domain Name blank / MTU:
    Auto / The rest is default . Click 'Save settings ' Minumize this website for
    now . Right Click wireless icon / View available Wireless Networks / You
    should see your SSID in the big box . / Highlight the network you want to
    disconnect before connecting to your new SSID . After hightlighting click
    'Disconnect' / Click on the new SSID to hightlight / click Connect . You must
    disconnect 'Local' after recieving the Wireless connection stastus and then
    you will not see that balloon . Remove Cable from pc to router .
    Installer, Jun 22, 2005
  6. Roger

    Roger Guest

    ok KD tks again i'm going to follow the instructions thank u much for your
    help hopefully this will work, i will keep u posted
    Roger, Jun 22, 2005
  7. Roger

    Roger Guest

    also i forgot to tell u i have ADSL Not Cable Modem i don't know if that
    makes a diff?
    Roger, Jun 22, 2005
  8. Roger

    Installer Guest

    Hello , Also see the post in this catagory posted on 6/19/05 , topic :
    'Wireless Security' posted by 'Clayton' .
    Installer, Jun 27, 2005
  9. Roger

    Installer Guest

    Hello , Correction .. the post date is 6/23/05 . Thank You .
    Installer, Jun 27, 2005
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