Assing a single intranet static IP

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by ecm, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. ecm

    ecm Guest

    The question:
    I want to assign a static IP to a Pocket PC at home and at work, and
    avoid having to re-enter the static intranet IP every day at work. I
    can't figure out how to get the MN-700 wireless base station at home to
    assign a single static IP to the Axim PPC, while keeping dynamic IP for
    the rest of the computers on it; the option to assign static IP
    addresses just doesn't seem to be there. How is it done?

    I have a new Microsoft MN-700 wireless base station. I'll be the first
    to admit that I'm not really good at networking, I'm kind of flying by
    the seat of my pants here.... be gentle. I've read through a lot of
    posts on this newsgroup, but nothing seems to apply so far.

    The base station is connecting 1 desktop, 2 wireless laptops, a cable
    modem and a wired hub attached to 2 more desktops, all with DHCP-served
    IP addresses. Right now, I have the network set up via the wizard
    software that came with the base station; it set up the DHCP and so
    forth, all the full-size Windows computers are working fine, sharing
    internet and printers and HDD as they should.

    I also have a wireless enabled Axim X50v, Win Mobile 2003 SE PocketPC
    I'd like to use - but there's a problem. I use it at both home and
    work; at work it has to have a static IP, from a pool of intranet
    addresses - ie, 10.50.0.XXX. Wireless laptops can have DHCP active, and
    allow me to have an "alternative" static IP, so they work fine both
    places, but I can't do that with the Pocket PC; it's not that
    sophisticated. I'm allowed either a single static IP, OR DHCP, not

    So, I want to assign the same intranet static IP to the Pocket PC at
    home, and avoid having to re-enter the IP every day at work. The
    problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to assign a single static
    IP, while keeping dynamic IP for the rest; The option to assign static
    IP addresses just doesn't seem to be there. Also I can't find out
    whether the intranet range of addresses (10.50.0.XXX) is even available
    to the base station.

    Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!
    ecm, Apr 20, 2005
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  2. ecm

    Gary Guest

    I have never tried this but it should work. The settings
    you are looking for in the base station are under 'Local
    Area Network'. You can change the base station IP address
    to, as you do that you will see the DHCP range
    change. The PPC should have an address out of the range
    of the DHCP so nothing else gets assigned its address.
    To log back on to the base station, remember you will
    have to use
    I would unhook\power down everything on the network that
    didn't have too be up to test it. If it doesn't work,
    change it back to

    Let us know
    Gary, Apr 21, 2005
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  3. ecm

    ecm Guest


    Thanks for the reply, sorry for not acknowleging before now - it's been
    busy. I'll give it a try this W-E, and post what I find out.

    ecm, Apr 22, 2005
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