Assign an IP address or let Windows assign one?

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Jackie, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Jackie

    Jackie Guest

    Hi, is it better for a Win 98 computer to be assigned an IP address or is it
    better to let Windows assign one?
    One of my computers is set so that it is automatically assigned an IP
    address which is For some reason one of my other computers has
    to have an IP address set for it because if it is allowed to pick it's own
    address it picks . My third computer picked the address So how can I get my rogue computer to pick an IP address in
    the correct range or should I just leave it with the assigned address of

    And why does it do that anyway?
    Thanks Jackie
    Jackie, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. If a computer "picks up" an address in the range, that means
    that it's not seeing the network correctly and not getting a correct
    address, so it's assigning itself one in the private address range. This
    could indicate a hardware problem with that PC's network connection or
    network card - but if it behaves when you manually set the IP address then
    it's more likely a problem with the configuration of the network settings
    Richard G. Harper [MVP Win9x], Oct 11, 2003
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  3. Jackie

    Jackie Guest

    Hi, What network settings could be configured incorrectly?
    Jackie, Oct 11, 2003
  4. Sometimes gateways, DHCP server or just deep down internal problems. I've
    had a problem like this, it was a hardware or driver problem.

    I've had better performance with using static IP addresses. If you do
    decide to use static, make sue your routers DHCP is off.

    - Jordan
    Jordan Freeland, Oct 11, 2003
  5. Right off the bat I'd make sure the default gateway is set correctly, it
    should be set to the address for your router. Turn off any settings present
    for DNS or WINS resolution unless your network actually has these servers
    Richard G. Harper [MVP Win9x], Oct 11, 2003
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