Any one on TalkTalk Broadband, Any Good?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Mark, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    As Above, Just thinking of joining?
    Mark, Nov 16, 2004
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  2. Mark

    Denyo Guest

    Signed up on the phone 11 days ago. They told me it would take about
    5-10 days and they would send a letter confirming when I could start
    using TalkTalk. And oh, what joy! Nothing has arrived so far. No
    letter, no modem.
    Denyo, Nov 17, 2004
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  3. Mark

    noaddress Guest

    Don't blame TT out of hand I have been with them now for a couple of
    months and the service is nothing short of perfect the company to
    blame for late delivery of 99.9% of letter's in the UK is ROYAL MAIL
    Which reminds me I must speak to RM regarding a letter that was posted
    to me from the next village a week ago that hasn't arrived yet .
    noaddress, Nov 17, 2004
  4. Mark

    Scott Guest

    I signed up on the 4th of November, and was told it would be 2 weeks
    until it was activated (the 18th).

    On the 8th, they called back to say there was a problem and it would
    be 2 weeks from that point (the 22nd).

    On the 10th, I got a letter saying it would be active on the 11th, and
    a modem would be delivered that day.

    On the 11th, no modem arrived.
    On the 12th, I phoned them to find out why, and they said the order
    wasn't entered correctly by the salesman, and that they would send me
    a modem immediately.

    On the 15th, the modem arrived. I popped the CD in, it installed the
    drivers for the modem. I plugged in the modem, I typed my
    username/password, and I was online. Took about 3 minutes from the
    time I opened the box until I was online.

    They apologised profusely for the delay in the modem, said the
    salesman would be in deep doo-doo over it, and credited my account to
    reflect the delay.

    At the end of the day though, it was active three days sooner than
    promised, so how can I really complain???

    As for the service itself, it's great. I did have one brief problem
    when I took my laptop to another room, but I think that was the phone
    cable I used (it's been great otherwise). 512k speed is what I should
    have, and the bandwidth checking sites have said it's actually between
    350 and 510 (usually upper 400s). It uses IPStream (which is a
    BT-managed dsl network, not the DataStream system managed by Tiscali,
    Tesco, and other discount providers). It does require a 12 month
    contract, but for free modem/activation that's standard. There are no
    caps on usage, except a "fair usage" policy (meaning if you use so
    much that it causes problems for others, they'll tell you off, but
    you're looking at 20g/month I'd think before that happens).

    Oh, and their software is nice. It's basically nothing. It's their
    logo as an icon on a shortcut to Windows' own dialer software!! It
    also has a small network status program that sits in your tray, very
    un-obtrusively and easy to close.

    And I get free weekend and evening calls throughout the UK, US,
    Canada, and Australia for the next year... That's included with the
    broadband service for £19.99 a month!!

    Basically, other than the problem with the modem not being sent--which
    was fixed as soon as I contacted them about it--and the faulty
    connection that I think is the fault of my own lousy wire (not the one
    they sent with the modem), I've had no complaints so far. Only had it
    a few days, but it's been great in those days!!

    If you'd like to save an additional £20, drop me an email and I can
    send you a Referral code. Anybody who gets referred to TalkTalk this
    month gets a £20 credit on their account. I'd be happy to refer
    anybody who wants it!! Any other questions, also email me.

    Hope this helps!!
    Scott, Nov 17, 2004
  5. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Thanks Scot for that, thinking of the 1MB service, also do you get a static
    address or is it dynamic?
    Also hows the web mail system, just wondering if you can use aliases as I
    have my own domain name?
    Interested in the referral, what do you need to do it?
    Mark, Nov 17, 2004
  6. Mark

    Scott Guest

    Like I said (in an email to you mark), I believe it's a static IP
    address, but I'm not 100% sure. I've had the same address all week, so
    either it's static or an amazing coincidence!!

    I've not used their webmail system, but I've had no problems running
    an SMTP server of my own with the service.

    As for the referral, I've already emailed a code to Mark.
    If anybody else wants to save £20 when you sign up, just email me! Any
    other questions, just ask!

    Scott, Nov 19, 2004
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