another vpn wins site to site to site problem*

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Christopher S. Daane, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. have been working on this one for a while. i think i have come to the
    conclusion that it cannot be done in the fashion i am trying to do it in or
    with my current setup.

    Things are configured as follows and the nature of the problem seems to
    mainly be the issue of multihoming. I have a central server (
    which is a dual nic routing setup. netbios is disabled on the wan link.
    wins server is installed on this machine. browsing local subnet works just
    fine* client are configured to do so via dhcp which is also running on the
    server. on the routing setup, i have tried enabling and disabling
    broadcast name resolution through the "server" properties and diabling
    netbios over tcp/ip through the demand dial interfaces. i have been told to
    disable all of these, i have tried it both ways on both sides and wins still
    doesn't build the master browse list. in configuring the demand dial
    interfaces from remote sites, should one include the primary wins server?
    the other sites configure as follows (x2) and
    routers connect to the central server properly. everynow and then a partial
    browse list shows up in my net places, but has never shown all three subnets
    conjoined. i have tried changing the role of pdc to one of the non dual nic
    remote sites, the process works, but then it only shows the browse list of
    that machine's subnet. does such a scenario require an lmhosts file? it
    seems that anything that uses vpn becomes multihomed, rras seems to retrieve
    an address for "dial in" whether i want it to or not. as far as i can tell,
    wins is not bound to these addresses if netbios resolution is disabled on
    them? what would be the best way using these three windows 2003 routers to
    come together and form and functional master browse list that incorporates
    all 3 subnets??

    any help / advice would be eagerly accepted.


    chris daane
    Christopher S. Daane, Apr 20, 2004
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  2. Christopher S. Daane

    Bill Grant Guest

    I agree with you that this should work. Once your site to site links are
    up, you effectively have three segments/subnets linked by routers. Browsing
    should work just as it does for a LAN with three segments/subnets linked by

    1. WINS does not build the browse lists. The computer browser service
    does that. WINS only supplies the name resolution so that the browse masters
    can contact each other across subnet/segment boundaries. See KB 188001
    "Description of the Microsoft Computer Browse Service".

    2. How is WINS configured? Do you have a single WINS server where all
    machines register? Are the browse masters registering in WINS?

    3. Apart from your PDC emulator, you can prevent the other RRAS servers
    from becoming browse masters. Some other (single homed) machine would then
    take on the role.

    4. You can use the browstat utility from the support tools to debug the
    operation of the browser service. There is also a new GUI utility called
    browcon. See KB 818092.

    5. There is a new KB on disabling Netbios over TCP/IP on RAS/VPN
    interfaces. Apparently this can cause problems with UDP on W2k machines with
    SP3 or later. The current advice is to delete the DisableNetbiosOverTcpip
    key recommended in KB 292822, and to use IP addresses from a different IP
    subnet for the RAS/VPN interfaces to solve the browsing problem. See KB
    830063. (I am not at all sure yet how this relates to Server 2003 or to
    LAN-to-LAN VPN links!)
    Bill Grant, Apr 20, 2004
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  3. Currently there is one wins server for each subnet, all with replication.
    replication is configured for all ips of all the servers, this includes the
    RRAS reserved ips.
    Christopher S. Daane, Apr 20, 2004
  4. Christopher S. Daane

    Bill Grant Guest

    First up, check in WINS to see if any browse masters are registering
    with more than one IP address. This will cause problems.

    If that is OK, it's time to start debugging exactly what the browser
    service is doing using browstat or browcon. If you are a Technet subscriber,
    there is a webcast on browcon on Technet Training CD 25.
    Bill Grant, Apr 21, 2004
  5. i read somewhere that putting hte vpn stubs on seperate subnets has positive
    effects? do you know anything of this method?
    Christopher S. Daane, Apr 21, 2004
  6. Christopher S. Daane

    Bill Grant Guest

    That is how I have always done it. Apart from anything else, it makes it
    much easier to follow the routing table. And it certainly ties in with the
    recommendations in KB 330063, where you don't disable Netbt on the "virtual"
    interfaces, just put them in a different subnet.
    Bill Grant, Apr 21, 2004
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