After a week on PN's pipe of doom 33.12 GB

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by One2Go, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. One2Go

    One2Go Guest

    For a week starting from the 29th of November I did 33.12 Gig on the Pipe
    of Doom. 21 of those were uploads and most of the download before 9 am on
    Monday. If I would have kept this up I would have been a heavy user and
    never gotten of the BBP.

    PN moved me for 345 Gig in 3 months and for those that questioned this it
    was 190 Gig downloads and 155 Gig uploads. My usage stats on the PN portal
    site tell me that I used 33.12 Gb in a week on the BBP. I know the PN
    supporters don't believe that someone would be moved for 65 Gb download a
    month, but suffice to say that according to Ian Wild, PN agreed to change
    their monitoring from Up and Down to Download only and "that some users
    statistic had been skewed and thus were victims of generalisation" Ians
    words. All the time on the BBP my upload was never throttled.

    I sympathise with those 80 some users that curtailed their usage and hope
    that you get a better deal in the furure, suffice to say that you have been
    warned of what PN is capable of orchestrating.

    Migrated and hope that my daily routines will take on normality.

    One2Go, Dec 8, 2004
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