Advice? Upgrading an 802.11b Network

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Arthur Shapiro, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. My home network hasn't been altered in 3 or 4 years: the cable modem connects
    to an SMC Barricade router. That router feeds the main desktop, an industrial
    networked printer, a spare desktop, and a Netgear MA401 wireless router. The
    system has been rock-solid over the years, with none of the sporadic grief
    that seems to afflict so many wireless networks. It's used to communicate
    with several laptops - an XP Pro T20 Thinkpad with PCI network card, a Vista
    T42 Thinkpad with inbuilt mini-PCI networking, and an XP Pro Dell C610 with
    mini-PCI networking.

    As an aside, that particular wirelss router appears to be the poor stepchild
    of Netgear. It never got much attention, received little in the area of
    upgrades, and didn't stick around very long. Strange.

    I'm toying with the idea of upgrading to more contemporary equipment, to get
    at least .g and maybe (desireable?) .n connectivity, and the improved security
    beyond my current equipment's 128-bit WEP. I probably don't need any upgrade
    - the speed is generally fast enough and I can always use a wired connection
    for anything oddball (extreme cases like, say, the XP SP2 download). But
    sometimes things get done just because.

    Any particular equipment advice for someone in this situation? Would I keep
    the Barricade or go to something with Gig speed? I'd presumably replace the
    router, the PCI card, and the two mini-PCI cards for something that could
    support WPA. I don't need to spend megabucks for industrial-strength
    equipment, but the cost isn't really an issue otherwise.

    Appreciate any discussion.

    Arthur Shapiro, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. Arthur Shapiro

    John Navas Guest

    WEP is essentially _no_ security.
    Buffalo high-power (non-N) wireless router, and related adapters.
    John Navas, Jun 14, 2007
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