Advice on how to make my network more efficient

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Edgar Noah, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Edgar Noah

    Edgar Noah Guest

    I have a network with the following two sub-networks:

    Network 1 (private): Class C network:

    Server: Intel P4 processor, with Win2K Server (Active Directory is
    installed and, I think, by means of it, accesses and permissions for
    users and files are setup)

    The rest of the machines on this private network have OSs ranging
    from Win95 to Win2000, and processors ranging from Pentium MMX to
    P-III processsors. All Ethernet cards are of 100 MBps.

    Subnet Mask: for all of them

    All class C network machines communicate with each other through
    an Encore 10BaseT switch.

    Network 2: IP numbers of the form, which I think,
    corresponds to public IP addresses.

    Subnet Mask:

    All Network 2 machines communicate with each other through a
    NetGear 100 BaseTX switch.

    For the internet access, behind an ADSL modem/router, there is an
    Intel P4 processor machine, with Linux Fedora Core 1 installed
    (Bridge). This machine has 3 Ethernet cards whose IPs have been
    configured manually:

    eth1: to network 1.
    eth2: a public IP to network 2.

    A Billion ADSL modem/router is connected to eth0 for internet
    access, and... serves both networks.

    For better understanding, I have made the following sketch:

    Internet---ADSLmodem/router---Linux bridge---Encore switch
    (Billion 711CE) Fedora Core1 (Network 1)
    NetGear switch
    (Network 2)

    Both networks have access to a common folder in the Linux machine.

    I am trying to make network 1 more efficient (fast in all sense)
    Initially, I thought about changing the switch of network 1 for a
    faster one. What further options do I have in order to make network 1
    more efficient in terms of speed, access, and sharing of files ?

    Your help, suggestions, and comments will be much appreciated.

    Edgar Noah, Dec 2, 2004
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  2. Edgar Noah

    Enno Lenze Guest

    Network 2: IP numbers of the form, which I think,
    ahh..ou..missunderstodd it.

    So if it is a public ip network: how is it routed to the world, and from
    the wrold back to you?

    regards, enno
    Enno Lenze, Dec 2, 2004
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  3. Edgar Noah

    danubian Guest

    Thanks Enno for answering my concern.
    In response, it is routed to the world through the ADSL modem/router
    Billion BIPAC 711CE.

    danubian, Dec 2, 2004
  4. Edgar Noah

    Inco Warren Guest

    I believe Enno was refering how Network 2, which you 'think' is a
    public address, connects to the public net as nothing in your drawing
    shows that (direct) connection.

    I believe ADSL modems/routers such as the Billion spits out only
    local/private addresses.

    Inco Warren, Dec 2, 2004
  5. Edgar Noah

    Edgar Noah Guest

    My network 2, which has public adresses, conects to the public net
    through the
    Billion. I does not have a direct connection. Could it be the case the
    would translate a public IP address again to another public address,
    which i think is redundant. I appreciate your answer.
    Edgar Noah, Dec 6, 2004
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