Adding second Access Point to LAN stops PC booting help!

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Tony, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Tony

    Tony Guest

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this one, I really am at a loss as to
    why this is happening...

    I have a DG834G MKII ADSL Wireless/Modem/Router which is working fine, but
    due to a requirement to increase wireless coverage, I have added another
    wireless access point onto the LAN, (a DLink DWL-900AP+).

    Problem is, when I boot up my main PC (which is connected to the LAN via
    wireless, via the DG834G) the system resets, just before the system boots to
    the windows XP welcome screen. If left alone, the PC goes into a continuous
    loop of almost booting and then resetting itself.

    In the past I have run more than one access point at the same location, (but
    not with this particular PC (Asus K8VSE with Athlon 3400 64bit) so my
    question is...

    Has anyone else experienced these sorts of problems before?, and how do I
    cure it?

    Each access point has its own individual IP address on the LAN {the DG834G
    is on and the DLink DWL-900AP+ is on And both are
    using the same default gateway (, I assume this is the correct
    way for things to be set up?

    I have DHCP enabled on the DG834, but turned off on the DWL-900AP+. Both
    Access Points are set to different channels and each one has a different
    SSID name. The DG834 is currently running 128bit WEP and MAC filtering, and
    the DLink is just using MAC filtering at present.

    Whats really strange is that even if the Dlink isn't connected physically to
    the LAN via the Cat5 cable, it still stops the PC from booting. As soon as
    I power down the Dlink, everything is back to normal and the computer boots.

    Anyone spot anything wrong with this configuration??

    Tony, Feb 7, 2005
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