A few Wireless Networking questions

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Mr Rie, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. Mr Rie

    Mr Rie Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a wired LAN that I would like to extend a little with a wireless

    My current setup is:

    Zyxel 652 ADSL Router (single ethernet port)

    Connected to
    1. Print Server - two parallel printers connected
    2. 8 port 10/100 Switch

    8 port switch is connected to

    1. 3 PCs
    2. 1 Wireless Router (Origo WLL-3810 108G+ Wireless
    3. Kiss DivX player with Ethernet

    I am new to the whole wireless side of networking, so bear with me.

    The Origo router is connected to my LAN via a Ethernet port (on the Origo).
    The router also has a WAN port, which is unused.
    The DHCP server function is disabled on the Origo and wireless connections
    obtain IP addresses from the Zyxel router.

    What I would like to do is move the printers and print server and have them
    connected via wireless.

    So if I bought another Origo and connected it to the Print Server, how does
    the Origo need to be configured and connected.

    My understanding is that at the moment the current Origo is functioning as
    an Access Point, with router disabled.

    Futher to this I would like to connect the KISS DivX player via wireless,
    with another Origo (as they are cheap), I assume the setup would be exactly
    the same as the print server.

    What does the WAN port on the router do ? The manual is just a few pages and
    doesn't explain the differences.

    I hope someone can make sense of this.


    Mr Rie
    Mr Rie, Sep 8, 2004
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  2. Mr Rie

    THe NuTTeR Guest

    Hi all,
    If the ADSL router only has one ethernet port, how do you have 2 devices

    I would have said the PCs and Kiss player should be into the Origo, with
    the Zyxel running in bridged mode (connected to the WAN port) and DHCP
    enabled on the Origo
    You would be better of buying an access point that can also function as
    a bridge, not many routers will do this AFIAA.
    Or getting a dedicated wireless bridge (I know netgear used to do them,
    often sold for the likes of XBox, so sometimes called wireless gaming
    Yep, pretty much
    The WAN (wide area network) is anthing not on your LAN, normally
    connected to "the internet" (via a cable/dsl modem).
    Basically your network sits on the LAN ports, and "everything else" (in
    terms of IP address) is assumed to be on the WAN port and routed
    Hope I've managed to help at least a little

    THe NuTTeR, Sep 8, 2004
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  3. Mr Rie

    Mr Rie Guest

    What I meant, the Zyxel connects to the 8 port switch. The printer connects
    to the the 8 port switch as well

    Thanks for replying, you have enlightened me a little further.

    Mr Rie
    Mr Rie, Sep 8, 2004
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