802.3ad Link Aggregation between two hosts using crossover cables

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by langelgjm, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. langelgjm

    langelgjm Guest

    I have two machines, one running Red Hat Fedora Core 2, the other
    running Windows XP Pro. I happened to have some extra ethernet cards
    lying about, and decided to play around with link aggregation (a.k.a.
    channel bonding, port trunking, etc.). On the Linux side, I am using
    the bonding module in mode 4 (802.3ad), and on the Windows side I have
    NIC Express 4.0 installed and set for 802.3ad mode. The hosts are
    connected via two crossover cables. I've played around quite a bit, but
    haven't had much luck; at one point, I could ping from either host to
    the other with either or both cables connected, but couldn't do
    anything useful (SSH, HTTP) unless a particular card on the Windows box
    was plugged into either of the cards on the Linux box.

    Is what I'm trying to do even possible with 802.3ad? If not, is it
    possible with another bonding mode? NIC Express supports a mode in
    which load balancing is disabled, and FEC/GEC trunking as well as
    802.3ad, and a proprietary mode. The reason I was doing this was for
    the extra speed, but if that's not possible, I'd settle for just the
    fault tolerance.

    Some of the errors I've seen:

    - bonding: Warning: No 802.3ad response from the link partner for any
    adapters in the bond

    - Group NIC Express Aggregate Link has one or more interfaces connected
    to a switch that does not support 802.3ad trunking
    - Group NIC Express Aggregate Link has a trunking mismatch

    langelgjm, Jan 23, 2005
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