70 minute loss of connection - please help

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Duffledorf, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Duffledorf

    Duffledorf Guest

    Hi all - my first post on your forum.

    I am hoping the members of this forum can help where other forums have
    failed. I am getting desperate, so please respond if you have any

    My setup:
    Apple Mac connected to a 'BT Broadband Hub'
    (http://www.itreviews.co.uk/hardware/h1085.htm) by ethernet cable. BT
    Broadband Hub is a wireless router. I have a 'Belkin Range Extender'
    (http://tinyurl.com/2wt4j3) which picks up the signal and boosts it to
    my 'Roku Soundbridge M1001'
    (http://www.rokulabs.com/products_soundbridge_specs.php) at the far end
    of the house.

    My problem:
    All works well except that every 70 minutes (to the second) the
    Soundbridge loses the connection to the music library on the Mac and I
    have to reboot the Soundbridge to reconnect. However, the Soundbridge is
    still connected to the network as I don't lose internet radio

    Roku say it is an issue with the Belkin, and to be fair if I move the
    location of the Soundbridge so that it is in range to connect directly
    to the BT Hub, taking the Belkin out of the equation, all works fine.

    Belkin have responded to say it is to do with Port forwarding settings,
    but won't explain what this means in practice. I have had various other
    suggestions from the Roku and the Firefly (server software) forums, the
    most useful to date being that it is likely that the Belkin is changing
    the encryption key every hour and then 10 mins later dumping the old
    one. I am using WEP encryption.

    I would welcome any help or suggestions on how to identify this

    Duffledorf, Nov 12, 2007
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