2 miles , clean LOS, lots of ?s

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by wwwavatar, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. wwwavatar

    wwwavatar Guest

    i / we , my peeps at work are trying to setup a long range connection..

    none of us are very well versed in wifi...

    we have a nice clean line of sight to a usable spot 2 miles from us...

    we can mount an antenna up to maybe 150 feet up,, maybe less.. on our

    and we can mount an antenna on the roof of the other end, aprox 20 -
    30ft up?

    the far end can have a grid (20 - 30ft roof mount), or otherwise ,
    mildly obtuse antenna... (over all the smaller the better)

    our end needs to be fairly discreet. dosnt have to be a pringles can,
    but no 4ft grids.. id say a good rule of thumb on our side would be
    under 2ft..

    oh, and our building is completely skinned in metal... if that

    this project has a budget, but not one written in stone..

    iv been reading till my eyes bled on on things wifi... still dont know
    what might work..

    i recently read, in someone elses post, on this forum

    we do not have any equipment yet.

    can get, or try to get wap54g's for both ends... and can use 1 grid

    that leaves us needing 1 antenna.. and maybe some unknown other stuff?

    thanks for any help...
    wwwavatar, Aug 20, 2007
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  2. wwwavatar

    danoiseau Guest

    I want to take advantage of your knowledge also, gowifi person. I have
    zero knowledge about wifi. I had to learn all about solar power last
    week. Let's try for wifi this week.

    I have a trendnet TV-IP201 wireless camera running on solar power in a
    giant bird cage (antenna is inside the wiremesh cage). The receiving
    computer is 300 yards away, in an RV, and has a WRT300N - Wireless-N
    Broadband Router (inside the RV). Cannot get the signal from the
    camera. The only thing between the 2 is a plywood shed. Should I add
    an antenna outside? like a 10dBi Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna? at
    both ends? or simply at one end?

    PS: We are a bunch of birders working on the reintroduction of the
    Eastern Loggerhead Shrike in Quebec, Canada. We want to monitor the
    behaviour of the birds before we release them to the wild.

    Thank you
    danoiseau, Aug 20, 2007
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