2.4 ghz range/erp/power prediction ??

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Bubba, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Bubba

    Bubba Guest

    I would like to be able to predict 2.4 ghz signal strength in terms of
    range/antenna configuration and haven't been able to find an
    appropriate formula. I'm trying to predict link strength before I
    actually acquire equipment.

    I'll assume "perfect" conditions (perfect LOS, perfect antenna
    alignment, assume no atmospheric contributions --- yeah, I KNOW...)

    For sake of argument, assume 15 dB transmitters, -60 dB receiver
    sensitivity for link speed desired, "very" short coax with 3 dB loss,
    and 24dB parabolic antennas. Same configuration at both ends of link.

    Is my assumption of 6dB loss for each doubling of distance (in meters)
    correct?? I'm again assuming that the initial erp is measured at 1

    In this scenario, transmitter erp = approx. 36dB.

    So, at 2048 meters, radiated power = approx. -30dB, (and after
    receiving antenna's 24-3 dB) the receiver should see approx. -9 dB,
    and at 4096 meters it should see -15 dB ?? (sounds a little too good
    to be true).

    Does this sound even remotely correct? If it sounds right, does
    anyone know what the atmospheric "fudge-factor" should be?

    If the above figures are even remotely in the ballpark, 802.11g speeds
    should be possible at well over 4 miles with the above hardware. Has
    anyone personally done this (with g, I mean) and had good success?
    Bubba, Oct 31, 2003
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  2. Try here under the left hand tab called Predictions

    Graham in Melton, Oct 31, 2003
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